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[ASAKUSA] Sumo Watching Tour [January 15th]

Hello! How are you today? This year is almost finished,  how was this year? I already introduced the event in the new year, do you remember? On September 15th, 2014, SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA staff will guide you to watch the sumo tournament together. [Date] January 15th (WED), 2014 [Meeting Time]  1:30PM [Meeting Place] SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA [Fee] 3,100 yen (Ticket & Lunch Included.) PARTY & TOUR PLAN 1:30 PM – Lunch Party at SAKURAHOSTEL ASAKUSA – Enjoy traditional sumo food and more. – A short review about sumo and the wrestlers who will fight on the day. 2:30 PM – Departing from SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA – Walk to Ryogoku Sumo Stadium by Sumida River (about 40 […]

What Japanese alcohol to celebrate the New Year?

What Japanese alcohol to celebrate the New Year?

If you are one of those who stay in Tokyo during the New Year holiday, because you could not make the time, you couldn’t afford the ticket back, or by choice (you want to experiment celebrations end of the year in Japan), rather than opting for a good old bottle of champagne as you already know, why not welcome the new year by toasting with a glass of traditional Japanese alcohol? During the holidays, starting your evening with a glass of sparkling sake will warm your body and mind . Some are very sweet ( amai ) , very dry( karakuchi ) .  To know which one you buy, check […]

Kamakura Omotenashi Trip

Hello Everybody, As you may already know, Sakura House is organizing a day-trip to the historical town of Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture (South of Tokyo), in the middle of January 2014. We are calling it the Omotenashi Trip, and it will involve both Japanese and foreign participants. A chartered bus will be used to transport the participants from Tokyo Station (subject to final approval). The trip is expected to be quite entertaining, with active participation from everyone. Altogether, 45 people may attend this event (including 35 Japanese nationals and 10 foreigners). The number of foreigners can increase based on Japanese attandance numbers. Date: Saturday Jan 18, 2014 Destination: Kamakura (by […]

Fishing at swimming pool!?

Let’s go winter fishing! but winter river, lake, sea… oh, too cold!! and if you want play fishing, we need fishing pole, car, basket, etc…  too much cost! So, my recommend fishing spot is  “Swimming pool”. Some swimming pool is you can rental fishing items, so good for easy fishing and one day trip. My favorite fishing spot is “Toshimaen”, easy to access by Toei-oedo-line, just 20 minutes from Shinjuku. let’s try easy winter fishing!! Close house information : Sakura House  Higashinagasaki terrace, Higashinagasaki B Sakura House Ochiaiminaminagasaki Sakura House Shin-egota, Shinegota B, Shin-egota C Sakura House Fujimidai 1, Fujimidai 2

Merry Christmas~

Today is a Christmas Eve and again, I ‘ve got no one special to give my heart to. Well, how about you? Are you having a fun tonight? With this lovely tree, me and our colleagues are waiting to give our heart to you. So, please COME!!! At this time of the year, some people go back to their country, meaning, this is a great time for the room-seekers! The most popular rooms we have may be available some of them got discount! Please don’t miss this chance!!!   You can enjoy Christmas illumination at many places in Tokyo. For Example, Marunouchi area is just like this.   Roppongi area.   […]

Event : [ASAKUSA] Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!

Do you know how Japanese people spend a New Year’s Day? You can experience it through this activity. “Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!” Date & Time: January 1st(Wed), 13:30-15:30 Meeting Place: SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA Admission: FREE! ★Plan of the Activity★ -Tasting a special New Year’s dish called “Zoni”(a soup with rice cake) -Playing the Japanese traditional games -Going visit the shrine to pray our health and peace in 2014 There’ll be no more chance to have such a nice experience! Attending this event E-mail : TEL : 03-3847-8111 As for Asakura, there are some share houses. Sakura House Asakusa Kuramae If you are interested in house sharing […]



  Can you believe it’s only less than 2weeks till new years? Have you written all your NENGAJO? ( New Year’s Greeting Card) Have you purchased your tickets? ( where ever you are going ) Most of the shops and office in Japan will be closed during the New Year’s season. Sakura House office is usually open 7day a week, but the this holiday season only, we take couple of days off. We will be closed during December 30th till January 3rd. We will start replying to the received inquiries from Jan 4th. How was your 2013? Every year it feels the year passes much quicker than the last! if […]

Innovative Design Trends – DIY Wooden Bicycles

How would you like to own a wooden bicycle? Perhaps one that comes disassembled in a box, just like certain IKEA furniture? Well, to make your fantasies come true, Sandwitch Bikes has come up with a novel solution. The company designs and markets wooden bicyles, made from German Beechwood. The rest of the frame accessories are molded from aluminium, making the final construct very sturdy. Buyers can easily assemble the bike within 30 minutes. Each unit is extensively tested to adhere to The bicycle is expected to appeal to design buffs, as well as DIY enthusiasts. Currently they on sale for GBP799. The price tag may raise a few eye-brows […]

SAKURA EVENT: Japanese Traditional Noh Performance!

Have you been to a Japanese Noh Theater and watched its Real performance before? As some of you already know, we, SAKURA HOUSE, SAKURA HOTEL, & SAKURA HOSTEL frequently bring our residents and guests exciting opportunities to watch and experience Japanese Traditional cultural events. Our most recent event is to invite our residents and guests to watch Real Japanese Noh play at Kanze Noh-gaku Dou (Kanze Noh Theatre), which will be tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. in Shibuya! ========================================================= [December 19 (Thurs)] NOH Performance @ KANZE Theater (SHIBUYA) ========================================================= Do you know the difference between “Noh” and “Kyougen“? There will be a “NOH Performance at KANZE Noh Theater” [Date] December 19 (Thurs), 2013 […]


Hey Sakura people, How you guys doing? Christmas is absolutely huge in the western world, but Shogatsu means even more for the Japanese people. I would say when in Japan do as the Japanese do. 2. Eat osechi