Learning NIHONGO – Free Sample Lesson at a Language School in Tokyo

Do you want to learn Nihongo ( Japanese )? But don’t know where to start from?

Japanese is an extremely difficult language to master, for especially English-speakers  🙄

Don’t worry, if you are in Japan now, there are plenty of language schools in Tokyo to choose from.

One of the language schools, Kanda Gaigo which is very close to the Central business districts in Tokyo, provides range or programs from daily conversation for beniggers to advanced Japanese for business people, and 3 months term program start from every April, July, October, and January.

If you are thinking of enrolling to any programs from January, there are Free sample lesson next week!
■ Course Term: January 14(Tue) - March 26 (Wed) 
*The actual opening dates vary with the course.

■ Application Period:  Up to December 20(Fri)

■ Free Sample Lesson:
 December 12(Thu) 19:00~20:50                       
  December 14(Sat) 13:00~14:10
■ Free Level Check:
*We recommend that you take a level check in order to select the course
 that best reflects your proficiency level and your needs. 

For more details, please refer to KGCC's website:

  Kanda Gaigo Career College(KGCC)
  Japanese Language Courses
  TEL: 03-3254-7100 (Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00) 

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