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Vending machines madness in Japan!

Those who have already traveled to Japan probably know what I want to talk about today; vending machines are literally everywhere here! At every street corner, in every subway/train station, in shopping centers, public buildings… It’s literally impossible in Tokyo to do more than 3 steps without passing by one of them. There are so many that it somehow becomes ridiculous when dozens are just aligned next to each other in the same street!! The very first vending machine in Japan was created in 1888 by Koshichi Tawaraya. It was made to sale tobacco. Nowadays, we can find more than hundreds of varieties! The most common vending machines are, of […]

Mount Takao Day-long Excursion Trip (February 2014)

Dear Residents of Sakura House, After the massive success of the first Omotenashi trip to Kamakura, we are gearing up for our next trip. The destination this time is Mount Takao, on the outskirts of Tokyo city, due west. Being so close to the city, it is a popular destination with Tokyoites because of its lush mountains, waterfall, abundant wildlife and certain amenities such as cable cars, ropeways and walking trails. Visitors accessing the mountain by bus will go through road tunnels near the foot of the mountain. The hiking trails begin at Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line. There are several climbing options available here, some combining cable cars […]

Sushi for breakfast @Tsukji Fish Market

Sushi for breakfast @Tsukji Fish Market

One of the best places to go in Tokyo if you are a early bird person is the Tsukiji Fish Market. 築地TSUKIJI is in Chuo ward, walkable distance from Ginza. TSUKIJI “the reclained land” literally lies near the Sumida river where the Tokyo bay was reclaimed in the Edo period. This Fish Market is the largest and the busiest fish market in Japan (maybe in the world?), it’s one of the best sushi destinations in the world! So you can understand the nearby 銀座GINZA district has the largest number of distinctive restaurants, many are upscale.  Nowadays there are so many cheap KAITEN-SUSHI ( sushi train ) in town, and sushi […]


Lady’s and Gentleman. Please be announced. Sakura House Omori re-opening on February 1st!!! (*on 1st, 6th floor only) Sakura House Omori is located right next to the station. It has a great access to so many wonderful areas in Tokyo. Once you transfer to Yamanote-line at Shinagawa Station, which is only 2 stations away from Omori station, you can get to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ebisu, Harajuku, Ueno, Akihabara.…. very easily. Oh, and Haneda international airport is very close as well!   There are more than enough of shops and restaurants around the station. Great place for students and professionals . Please check our website!   By the way, this is […]

2/16(Sun) 11:00am- Tokyo Imperial Palace Tour!!

Join us for Imperial palace tour with guides! We make our own hand-rolled sushi for lunch!! For those interested, please send your name and number of participants to the e-mail address below. E-mail : Sakura Hotel Jimbocho TEL : 03-3261-3939

Hadaka Matsuri: the Naked Man Festival ∑(O_O;)

In Japan, the month of January is the month of ritual purification and in some cases to prove you manhood by withstanding freezing temperatures to compete for a very coveted prize ^^. Those “naked man festivals”, known in Japan as Hadaka Matsuri, happen in January. Hadaka Matsuri 裸祭り, “naked man festival”, is a traditional Japanese festival celebrated in January and during witch the participants are half naked (they only wear a loincloth or fundoshi) and compete to catch the shingi or sacred stick that brings good luck. The Hadaka Matsuri happens usually twice a year but rarely in the same place. It is common that mud is involved in the […]

TKSC – A Space Center near Tokyo

For people coming from most countries of the world, visiting a space center is but a farcry. However, if you are in Japan, you may just avail yourself such a rare opportunity. Did you know that an active space center is just an hour’s ride from Tokyo? The Tsukuba Space Center (TKSC) in an active space facility located in the Ibaraki prefecture. Since 1972, it is run by Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA) as a full-fledged astronaut training facility, research institution, testing facility  and public exhibition center. If you have never been to  a space center in your life, this may just be what the doctor ordered. As a developed nation […]

Fresh Apple Vending Machine!

I went to Sakura House Ginza, which will be closed at the end of this month, to put out the very last garbage roster sheet. This quaint share house was located at one of the best places in Tokyo. Thank you very much for the customers who have stayed this house.   And on the way to Sakura House Shinjuku office, I found this apple vending machine!!!   What an invention… You can buy a fresh apple at the vending machine and  you can choose one, cut or sliced, with or without skin. You can see the calories on the package as well, so  you don’t have to worry about […]

Lets go Fishing (in a Restaurant)!

Would you be interested in having an alternative restaurant experience? Are you tired of just being a spectator, simply being dished out whatever you ordered? Do you like to add some spice to your life? (oops) Do you like fish (or menus cooked with fish)? Well, if you are a hands-on person, or are feeling particularly active, (not to mention willing to dish out some serious cash for a unique experience), why not head to ざうお (Zauo).  In this seafood restaurant, you can catch your own fish, then hand it over meekly to the standby chefs. They, on the other hand, with their culinary powers (and their Samurai chopping and […]

Omotenashi tour to Kamakura

On Saturday Jan 18, We had a Tour to Kamakura~! There were 10 foreigners and 18 Japanese. Foreigners are Bangladeshi, Scottish, Malaysia, German, Canadian, Romanian, Indonesian and Indian. People from all over the earth had a wonderful experience of Japanese Culture in Kamakura! Here is where we went! Zeni arai Benten (銭洗弁天) – If we wash money here, they said we would be rich!! Everybody was washing their money very seriously!! The Kamakura kokomae station is famous for movie location by the Enoden we enjoyed shopping and traditional Japanese sweets Dango And also we had a party in Polder cafe in Shinjuku after the tour. We are planning next tour to […]