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A giant Samurai found on Roppongi Rooftops?

Tokyo. In the famous Roppongi area, you might have stroll by a strange metal structure on the roof of the ドン · キホーテ (Don Quijote) store. A giant piece of metal giving a rather special look to the building, as a sort of giant samurai helmet (Kabuto) sitting on the roof. See for yourself: It also reminds me of Hikonyan, a former Japanese popular mascot: In 2005, Don Quijote began building a “half-pipe” roller coaster on the roof of its eight story Roppongi store. Roppongi is a heavily populated area in the core of Tokyo, and many residents and businesses were upset with the idea of having a roller coaster […]

Kendama, new tradi-trendy japanese game !

Kendama, new tradi-trendy japanese game !

Konnichi wa! Let’s talk Japanese games today ! Japan has a large variety of traditional games and toys. Among them, one is coming back into fashion : the kendama. Bye the way… What is a kendama ? Well it is like a ring and pin… but Japanese style ! The kendama (けん玉 / 剣玉 / 拳玉) is a traditional toy which consists of three wooden cups of different sizes placed on the center of a wooden spike (ken), with a smaller cup at the spike’s base and a ball (tama) connected by a string to the center piece. The idea is catching the wooden and make it land into one […]

Omori 4F renewal open!

Hello! How are you  today? The other day, I wrote about the renovation work at Sakura House Omori. The renovation work on 4F was finally finished and it is open today! You have a chance to be the first resident in the room! Please check the pictures and feel free to contact us if you are interested in.

Imperial Palace Tour

On 2/16, Me and Sakura House residents had a tour to the Imperial Palace! I have been in Japan for over 10 years, BUT this was my first time to visit there! I have always wanted to go but never had a chance! It was a great oppotunity for me that I can go there with our residents! I was a beautiful day for taking a walk outside under the tender sun shine. There was still snow on the ground, so some places were restricted. However, we enjoyed the historical construction and Tokyo Tour Guide did a great job to prepare the details and explain them to us. Thank you […]

We have Futsal game today! Please come to Kugayama court!

We have futsal game today,  13 : 00 pm -16 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Feel free to join us!  Enjoy play together!! Close house : Sakura House Kichijoji , Sakura House Meidaimae B

Keita Sagaki’s “vertiginous” paintings

Hi everyone ! I have just discovered and was impressed by this Japanese artist and wanted to share his art with you. First I want you to have a look at his paintings : what do you see ? Look closer… Born in 1984 in Ishikawa prefecture, Keita Sagaki studied art at the Fukushima University. His work is inspired by the notion of WHOLE and FRAGMENT. According to him, every thing in this world is a whole made off several parts. For example, the human body is made of 60 millions cells. Each and every single thing is made of atoms. Every person in this world is part of an […]

Choshi – The Picturesque Horn of Chiba

Choshi is a small coastal city in the horn of Chiba prefecture, facing the Pacific Ocean. It takes over two hours to get there by train from any major stastion within Tokyo. If you are looking to spend a peaceful day, driving around in a semi-rural place, Choshi is a good option. You can spend hours exploring a lot of places in this city (or townships therein). There are some beautiful temples inside the city. Also there are plenty of seafood restaurants. A large bridge over the Tone river is one of the highlights of the city. I would recommend you to select outdoor locations if the day is sunny. […]

[Asakusa] TCGC Asakusa Walking Tour & Sushi Roll Party (宿泊者限定 Hotel/House Guests Only)

Hello! How are you today? On March 9th, there is “Asakusa walking tour &Sushi roll party”. We are waiting for your participation. Please check below!   [Asakusa] TCGC Asakusa Walking Tour & Sushi Roll Party (宿泊者限定 Hotel/House Guests Only) Day : 2014/ Mar / 09(Sun) from AM 10:45 to PM 02:30 Fee : JPY 500 (Tax included) Join us for Asaksua Walking Tour with experienced guides from TCGC (Tokyo City Guide Club)We make our own Temaki Zushi (Hand-Rolled Sushi) for lunch. Don’t miss this chance!! [ Date & Meeting Time ] Mar 9th Sunday, Meeting time – 10:45 am [ Meeting Place ] Sakura Hostel Asakusa [Map] 2-24-2 Asakusa, Taito-ku, […]

Statues Everywhere

Statues Everywhere

If you have spent at least a day or so taking a walk in Tokyo, you probably noticed one thing. Statues are everywhere! Let’s see how many of them you recognize and if you can tell where each of them is located. #1: A dog Probably the most famous dog in Japan. The heartbreaking story of this dog became even more popular by the Holywood’s remake film released in 2009. #2: A dinosaur Another creature famous for the series of its films. The latest one will be released in 2014! can’t wait! XD #3: A huge one While the others are popular as signs of meeting point, people don’t really use […]

Heavy snow and rain that is hitting Tokyo area again.

The heavy snow and rain that is hitting Tokyo area again. In Tokyo, the snowstorm is expected to continue until today morning (Feb. 15th). Please note that trains and subways, and other transportation services will be delayed. Please WATCH YOUR STEP if you are outside. Some roads may get slippery. Please KEEP the heater TEMPERATURE BELOW 23 C (Degree Celsius).A temperature setting that is too high could cause the heater to STOP and defrost. Please wear several layers of clothing and keep yourself warm. Please double check and CLOSE DOORS and WINDOWS tightly (in your room and common areas). [Japan Meteorological Agency Daily Forecasts]