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Saichari – A Rental Bicycle Service in Saitama

Rental bicycles are a convenient option when exploring a new area. Especially if the surroundings have large parks or riverside walkways, you may find cycling to be much more pleasurable than walking. One such service that I have experienced recently is called Saichari. The service is mainly available in two locations of Saitama, and is very popular with students and professionals alike. It requires you to pre-register online through your computer or smart-phone and within minutes you are ready to rent out a bike. All you need to do is head out to the nearest bicycle-port, scan your Suica Card and take out any available ones. The one near my […]

Trip To Yanagawa In Fukuoka

Last week I went to Fukuoka for the first time with my wife~! Out trip was from Hakata→Nagasaki→Yanagawa. In Hakata, we had a very good Motsu Nabe which is beef round casing and Chinese chives, massive garlic in a hot pot. The most famous cuisine in Fukuoka. In Nagasaki, near Dejima, there is an area where foreign treaders, bankers had lived. The houses are western style but the roof is Japanese tile. We went into the house which they kept the way it had been, the chairs, desk all the classic furniture were there. You can really feel the history of those houses. At the last day, we went to […]

Change in the date : AKIHABARA WALKING TOUR! 4/24(Thu) 14:00pm-

AKIHABARA Walking tour is change in the date 4/10 to 4/24, visit and join the AKIHABARA-style Maid Cafe! Admission : 2000 yen 1 . Train fair from Jimbocho station. 2 . One Drink ! (Service from Maid Cafe) Meeting time : 13:45 pm @ Sakura cafe Jimbocho For those interested, please send your name and number of participants to the e-mail address below. E-mail : Sakura Hotel Jimbocho TEL : 03-3261-3939

Boishaki Mela (Bengali New Year)

Pohela Boishakh or the New Bengali Year will start this year on April 15th. On this occasion, the Bangladeshi community in Japan are planning to hold a New Year’s Fair (Boishakhi Mela) near Ikebukuro station. On past events, thousands of people have visited the fair grounds. This year is not expected to be any different. The fair grounds in Ikebukuro are expected to be filled with numerous stalls selling Bangladeshi food, imported clothes and handicrafts, and other culture-related services (Face Alpana, Henna etc). In Bangladesh, people usually gather around a large tree (preferably Banyan) or beside the river. People usually enjoy a dish called Panta-Ilish (soaked rice with Hisha fish […]

This weekend : The inperial palace group run

How about a refreshing jog around the majestic beauty of Tokyo Imperial Palace? Meet us at SAKURA HOTEL JIMBOCHO, and from there, we will run together to the nearby Palace area. ■Date:Mar 28th(Fri) ■Starting time:19:00 ~ ■Place: Sakura Cafe Jimbocho ■Participants: Runnners(All nationalities ) ※only for 15 people ■Fee:1,500 yen for New customers 1,200 yen for Frequent guests(300 yen OFF!) including -Snacks -Beer or Healthy Drink -Shower and towel If you would like to join this event please contact with or Tel:03-3261-3939  


Hey Sakura People, How’s the warmer weather treating you lately? I have had a chance to visit a restaurant that I always wanted to go.  Food there were just to die for, and its garden was just indescribably stunning.. It’s in the outskirts of Tokyo (Takao) The name of the restaurant is ‘Ukai Toriyama’. You ll love the place.

Serenity beside a waterfront

Once again summer is at our doorstep. The weather has been erratic this year, however, sooner or later it will normalize. Already, by the virtue of spring, color has been returning to the trees and shrubs. The flora and fauna are waking up from their winter slumber. All around, there is a sense of renewal. I currently live in a land-locked part of Saitama prefecture (with no natural bodies of water nearby). I belive that it is vital to have this connection to nature, either by living next to natural features like forests or lake and rivers; or make attempts to get there atleast once every month to soothe your […]

Father Helping Son to Open Art Gallery

A father making his son dream come true! Their last name Morita, is the artist name! This kids loves drawing since he is little. His father celebrates son`s graduation of kindergarten! what a heart-touching story! All the decoration is done by their hands! At Design Festa Gallery!

Spring Futsal game on 3/23(Sun) 14:00pm-17:00pm @ Kugayama !

We have futsal game on 3/23 (Sun),  14 : 00 pm -17 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Feel free to join us!  Enjoy play together!! Live in the same area : Sakura House Kichijoji , Sakura House Meidaimae B

The 30 emoticons that the Japanese use the most !

If you love Japan, you must surely know that the Japanese are very large consumers of all things “Kawaii”. Clothing, accessories, figurines, key chains, etc … Anything goes, literally, even the police has its own Kawaii mascot (Pipo-kun)! This phenomena even translates into their writing style, especially when they use their cellphones to send text messages or e-mails, just full of all kinds of small animals moving and colors that go in all directions. Some Japanese manufacturers of cellphones do not also hesitate to base some of their advertising campaigns just on this aspect, the race for customization and number of available “Emoji” is on !!!! Unfortunately (?) this does […]