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FUTSAL game on 6/8(Sun) 11:00am-14:00pm @ Kugayama !

Summer is coming!! Let’s enjoy sports! We have FUTSAL game on 6/8 (Sun),  11 : 00 am -14 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Beginners, ladies, everybody feel free to join us! Enjoy play together!! Live in the same area : Sakura House Kichijoji , Sakura House Meidaimae B

Do you want to try? Japanese Acupuncture!

I went to acupuncture for the first time. I was quite nervous when I laid down on the bed. Acupuncturist searched acupuncture point and pricked the needle from the bottom of my back to neck . The needle is thinner than a hair, so it was not really painful. But I felt uncomfortable and scared when the needle was going into my muscle. After pricking all the needles, the acupuncturist connect through electric contact between needles. I felt like someone was knocking my back. Right after the therapy, I didn’t feel the effect. But next day, I felt my body so light and didn’t feel any pain! Next time I […]

Mibu no Hanataue (Rice Planting Festival of Mibu, Hiroshima-ken)

No one knows for sure how many festivals take place in Japan over the course of the year. Estimates vary from 100,000 to 300,000; all of them unique reflections of the history and culture of the local area. Let me introduce one of them. “Mibu no Hanataue (Rice planting Festival of Mibu, Hiroshima-ken),” which is designated as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status. The festival is held on the first Sunday of June every year. To pray for the rich harvest, there is a tradition of purifying the god’s paddy and ceremoniously plant seeding prior to the normal rice planting. The ceremony starts with beautifully dressed up buffaloes, tilling the […]

Come, Enjoy a 2-Day Trip to Hinohara!

Dear Readers, Once again we are back to announce the new dates for the Hinohara Trip, that was postponed two weeks ago. This trip to the mountain village, west of Tokyo, will be held on June 22nd and 23rd, 2014 (in about a month’s time). To learn more about the location and the trip itinerary, please read the re-posted information below. We hope you will join us in having a uniquely spiritual experience. This summer, Sakura House is once again gearing up for an outdoor trip, this time to the outskirts of Tokyo city, due west. We shall go into the mountains to a serene village called Hinohara (aka Tsubara). […]

Room Recommendation! ITABASHI-KU MOTOHASUNUMA Apartment – Sakura House

Room Recommendation! ITABASHI-KU MOTOHASUNUMA Apartment – Sakura House

Find the reasonable good location real estate furnished monthly apartment and share house in Tokyo Itabashi, Japan. Sakura House Itabashi Motohasunuma one of the most popular Sakura House monthly apartments for its spacious sunny residence PERFECT for couples and families short to long term Tokyo stay. ITABASHI-KU MOTOHASUNUMA apartment Easy, direct, and quick access to Central Tokyo cities : Sugamo, Jimbocho, Otemachi, Mita, Meguro etc. Subway “Toei Mita Line” Motohasunuma station is only 3 minute walk! JR Yamanote Line and Subway Toei Oedo Line with one simple transit and easy access to all around Tokyo. Experience the Japanese traditional local living in its residential peaceful safe town, Itabashi Motohasunuma for […]

5/25(Sun)10:00am-15:00pm NES GLOBAL BBQ PARTY at Tokyo Bay BBQ park

25 May (Sun) NES GLOBAL BBQ PARTY at Tokyo Bay BBQ park Now May is the best season for outdoor event in Japan before long rainny season from June. We planned BBQ event for foregin language learning students at Nes Global and Sakura house freinds. The place is at Tokyo bay side’s wonderful park so not so far from your house. We prepare some foods and drinks but If you can please bring your own country’s foods or drinks also to know more about both country. Event’s puropse is to make more freinds both for Japanese and Sakura house freinds but also to talk and learn about many countrys all over the […]

愛媛: Welcome to Cycling Paradise Ehime!

Ehime Prefecture is located in the northwestern part of Shikoku, the forth largest island of Japan. Ehime is a place of abundant nature surrounded by the Seto Island Sea and the SHikoku mountain range. The climate is warm and mild, and it is rich in nature. In Chinese characters, “Ehime” (愛媛) means “pretty lady”. Seto Inland Sea, or Aegean Sea in Japan, and Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest mountain in western Japan, give Ehime countless gifts in every season. People have woven historical and cultural fabric in such nature’s bounty and developed the tradition of “hospitality” to travelers. Indulge yourself in kindhearted Ehime. But Ehime is also well known for being […]

News in the Japanese Train

  I was watching the weather forecast in a train. I have never seen any train like this in other countries.   Sometimes they show news, quiz, advertisements.   It’s good to kill time when I get bored in the train:)    

One Tank Project ” Sake “

Hello! How are you today? Have you ever had Sake? Why not join a Seke event at Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro? As for the detail about this event, pleae check below. ———————————————————————————————————————- Day : 2014/ May / 30(Fri) from PM 07:00 to PM 11:00 Fee : JPY 1,500 (Tax included) Sake Night! Let’s enjoy SAKE and special cuisine together in international atmosphere at SAKURA CAFE IKEBUKURO “Also you can have a Sake lesson in English” SAKE as One OneTank Project – “SAKE” bridge between Japan and World [ Date & Meeting Time ]——————– May 30th,2014 (Fri)   7pm ~ [ Meeting Place ]————————– Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro [MAP] 2-39-10 Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo [ […]

A Day of Inspiration @ Design Festa

The 39th edition of Design Festa, an event that showcases the arts, crafts and designs of 100s of artists and companies, concluded yesterday at the Tokyo Big Sight convention centre. Thousands of spectators, predominantly the youth, both local and foreign, graced the event venue, amidst much jubilation and fanfare. The atmosphere inside felt electric. As usual, the participating artists and designers once again, put up a stellar show, that comprised of all aspects of visual and performing arts. The medium of expression chosen by the artists and designers varied considerably ranging from paper, cloth, metal, wood, stone, wax and plastic, to name a few. There were live performances from singers, […]