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Ramadan – The Holy Month

Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar is once back in our lives. This month has many significance in the lives of Muslims, and in some parts of the world, to adherents of other religions as well. This lunar month begins with the sighting of the new moon, and continues until the next cycle. Muslims are ordered by God, to fast during the day (from before sunrise until sunset), refraining from certain basic needs (such as food and water, sex etc.). Muslims are to experience the relentless hunger and austerity that characterizes the world’s poor (who at present, constitute half of humanity). It is certainly, a powerful lesson of […]

Where to go on your 24hr transit in Tokyo

Where to go on your 24hr transit in Tokyo

Tokyo is such a vibrant city, we’d like everyone to visit us. However, sometimes you don’t get that chance but maybe a 24hr transit on the way to some other desination. My friend from Australia is in love with the Japanese culture, food and people, but this time she stopped by for a night on her way to France. There are so many things we can do in Tokyo, but since she started her vacation after her long 32 days shift, we decided to stay at a LaQua, a spa located in central of Tokyo. If you have never been to a spa or a public bath house, this experience […]

“Shirahama Ama(female divers) Matsuri(festival)” in Minamiboso shi, Chiba

No one knows for sure how many festivals take place in Japan over the course of the year. Estimates vary from 100,000 to 300,000; all of them unique reflections of the history and culture of the local area. Let me introduce “Shirahama Ama Matsuri (festival)” held on 20th July, 2014 at Minamiboso-shi, Chiba-ken. “Ama (female divers) have been around since ancient times.  We don’t know exactly when or where the tradition started, but it is said that there are only two countries in the world where Ama fishing is practiced, Japan and Korea. Women of Shirahama Minamiboso city are still carrying out diving for this day and “Shirahama Ama Matsuri” […]

New Uniforms at SAKURA HOUSE

Starting today, the staff at SAKURA HOUSE are wearing new uniforms. Our new uniforms are white polo shirts that have printed on them cherry blossoms in rainbow colors.  At close inspection, you may even notice that the uniform’s buttons have pink cherry blossoms on them — the symbol of SAKURA HOUSE! Come visit us at our Nishi-Shinjuku office to see us in our bright, new uniforms — or, you may see us wearing them when we visit SAKURA HOUSE accommodations across the Tokyo area.

Food Sample Making Workshop

Making food sample tour & Hand roll sushi (plastic food replicas for display) DATE : July 4th(Fri) MEETING TIME : 12 pm-4pm MEETING PLACE : Sakura Hotel IKEBUKURO Lobby The first 14 people who applied from Sakura guest can join.   First,we’ll have “hand roll sushi party” together and then move to “Food sample factory” nearby Sakura hotel Ikebukuro. and make your own food sample Let’s enjoy this unusual experience together!!   Fee: 500yen (sushi lunch)+food sample fee+300yen(transportation fare) Choose your favorite sample below A – Ramen Noodle Fee : 2,376yen B – Tempura Fee : 1,296yen C – Real Size Parfait Fee : 2,160yen D – Talt Key Chain […]

At Our Muslim House

We had about 10 visitors, students and teachers from Nippon-University, at our Muslim House in Shibuya.   3 residents who happened to be at the house welcomed them and treated them so nicely. With some Indonesian tea and chocolates, we all had such a great time, self-introducing each other in English. Lots of smiles and laughter…. One guy from France was very good at drawing Manga and showed them to the visitors. And the  pleased visitors invited him and other housemates to their DORAEMON exhibition they have bee working on at their university.   Visitors were so happy about the house and the time they shared with the residents from […]

Design Festa “Gakuten”

Design Festa Gallery is a sister company of Sakura House that specializes in showcasing the arts, crafts and performances of professional artisans (designers, painters, photographers, singers and performance artists). Since 1994, it has been a prominent platform of expression for 10,000 such individuals and companies, earning the respect of the creative community, both locally and worldwide. The company operates a modern art gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo and also organizes large-scale international exhibitions annually. Recently Design Festa has introduced a special program named “Gakuten” to promote the creative works of the student communities in Japan. The event has been scheduled for August 9th and 10th, 2014 at Tokyo Big Sight in […]

A Shadow performance by Italian and Japanese artists

Are you enjoying staying at Sakura House?  Do you have a lot of opportunities to come into contact with a different culture here in Tokyo? I attended an interesting performance called “ HAIKU (a Japanese form of short poetry)”, at Instituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo, the cultural section of the Embassy of Italy. The haiku poem came to life on stage through light, shadow, music and movement. It was performed by Italian shadow theater called CONTROLUCE with a Japanese butoh dancer and a pianist. In Tokyo there are about 150 embassies.Many embassies are often organizing cultural events. The admission fee for the event is reasonable and sometimes free. Please enjoy and […]

FUTSAL on 6/22(Sun) 11:00am-14:00pm @ Kugayama !

No reason…  just enjoy sports !!! We, SAKURA HOUSE, have FUTSAL game on 6/22 (Sun),  11 : 00 am -14 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Beginners, ladies, everybody feel free to join us! Let’s enjoy play together!! Live in the same area : Sakura House Kichijoji , Sakura House Meidaimae B

Free Service at the Optical shop in Japan

Free Service at the Optical shop in Japan

When you are walking in your neighborhood in Tokyo, have you ever recognized a box like machine with a some kind of liquid? It may not be appealing to you if you don’t use glasses, but for people who does, it’s a good news for you. This is a free service by the optical shop, an ultra sound cleaner for your glasses. The cleaning solution in the machine vibrates by the ultra sound and makes your glasses PIKA-PIKA ( clean and sparkly ) This is how to use them, very easy. Place your glasses into the solution. Press the button, wait until the vibration finishes. After the ultra sound cleaning, […]