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Fashionable Okonomiyaki

Would you like to see some photos of famous Design Festa okonomiyaki restaurant? It`s the most artistic restaurant in Tokyo.

Watermelon is in season!

I love watermelon and it is in season now! Watermelon has been in Japan since about 650 years ago,,,, When there was no refrigerator, people used to put watermelons into the water well to cool. It is not only delicious but also has great effect to our body. It prevents from high blood pressure, arterial stiffening, getting age spots and freckles. And also it helps diuretic action to detox. I didn’t know all that! And also I didn’t know that seeds are also eatable. You can roast those seeds,,, great beer snack! I learned all the effect and I like much more now:) I want to enjoy this hot summer with […]

Art of Harajuku.

Would you like to know more about Design Festa gallery? You can find this amazing art space in the heart of Harajuku. Today I`ll show you some things you can buy there. I love the food jewelry and cute  colorful clothes. Too bad I can’t catch them all!

The noise of summer.

  Can you hear it ? The noise from its sway that’s been making us sweat Or are we trying not to care?   We broke down the wall and built a new one Its color looks nicer but it’s not high enough The wall between us under the glaring sun   There’s been no mistakes, no misgivings about the things we’ve smashed up We’re just blast of the air But when I turned around, your steaming eyes were staring at the shining knife between us under the gazing sun.          

Design Festa is just around the corner!

Design Festa is just around the corner! Not only because it is really near Sakura House office (just few minutes by JR Yamantoe line, Harajuku station) but also, because the huge Gakuten Art Event will be held next weekend. I can`t wait! You can pick your free ticket to this event at our office, but please come as soon as possible, as we are running short on those! The Gakuten event will be held on 2014/08/8~9, open from 11:00 in the morning and closed at 19:00, at Tokyo Big Sight. Today some of Sakura House Staff members visited the main Design Festa gallery in Harajuku. I love the building and […]

DIY Retail Kiosks

While you are here in Japan, you may have visited a local supermarket by now. Regardless of the company involved, the assortment of products and services provided are quite impressive. I once visited a “Supa” where they were selling several variety of mineral waters based on the kind of food you were preparing. Others have fancy ice cream and coffee machines, or some other gadgets that really make you turn your head, in wonder. One of Japan’s largest retail chain conglomerate, the AEON Group, has a mall located quite close to my house. Last evening, when I visited the supermarket floor, I was amazed to see a new check-out system. […]

Does This Kanji Look like a Turtle to You?

Some call Japanese the Devil’s Language, due to the many thousands of kanji that for centuries has tortured all those who have attempted to learn Lady Murasaki’s mother tongue. People who’ve already gone through the torture of learning Japanese sometime become language sadists by using very complicated kanji — on purpose. A friend of this writer used this kanji on purpose to refer to suppon, or Chinese softshell turtle, for the title of a gallery exhibit he was producing. “You could have given the rest of us a little slack,” I said. “You could have used hiragana or katakana instead.” “I could have,” my friend said. “But I like the […]



A reasonable and comfortable fully furnished monthly share house residence single room and dormitory in Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan. ” Sakura House Nihonbashi Hakozaki-cho “ locates less than 5 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line ” Suitengumae station ” direct, easy and fast access to Otemachi, Jimbocho, Akasaka and Shibuya! The station also famous for its direct and easy access to Narita & Haneda international airports by Airport Limousine Bus, called ” Tokyo City Air Terminal : T-CAT “. Along on other direct access Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ningyocho station goes to Ginza, Roppongi etc.. Perfect location for all profession business & school residence. Experience the Japanese traditional local area […]

FUTSAL on 7/27(Sun) 15:00pm-18:00pm @ Kugayama !

It’s so hot every day, isn’t it ? and our FUTSAL is so hot too!! We, (SAKURA HOUSE) have FUTSAL game on 7/27 (Sun),  15 : 00 pm -18 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Beginners, ladies, everybody feel free to join us! Let’s enjoy play together!! Live in the same area : Sakura House Kichijoji Sakura House Kunitachi

Fûrin, the sound of coolness

Konnichi wa ! Summer in Japan is a very particular season… especially with its really hot and humid heat. The humid subtropical climate make the weather not only hot – usually up to 38 degrees Celsius – but also very humid and difficult to bear with 80% to 95% humidity in the air. A real sauna ! During the stifling Japanese summer, it is possible to hear here and there a unique sound traditionally linked to the hot season : This light tintinnabulation is the sound of a 風鈴 fûrin, a Japanese wind chime, an emblematic item of summertime. Fûrin is written using the kanjis meaning “wind” and “bell”. It […]