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Summer’s leaving

Summer is leaving And I feel bad Summer was always bad for me I never liked any summer But this summer was different This summer was very special And now the summer I enjoyed for the first time in my life, is leaving me Summer is bad, after all   Did you have a good summer?          

Imperial Palace Tour and Hand Roll Sushi Lunch Party! 9/14(SUN) 11:00am – 15:00pm

How about a refreshing walk around the majestic beauty of Tokyo Imperial Palace? Let’s join us for Imperial Palace tour with experienced guides, and we have TEMAKIZUSHI (Hand roll SUSHI) lunch party too! Meet us at SAKURA HOTEL JIMBOCHO, and from there, we will walk together to the nearby Palace area. ■Date:September  14th (Sun) ■Starting time:11:00 am~ ■Place: Sakura Cafe Jimbocho (Meeting time 10:45 am) ■Fee: 500 yen If you would like to join this event please contact with E-mail :   or  Tel:03-3261-3939

What to do on Gloomy Days☂

It’s been much cooler and gloomy outside this past few days…what do you usually do on a gloomy day like this?? Many people might just wanna stay in and relax at home, but sometimes (not every time tho!) I like to go to Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Have you ever visited the resort?   Even if you are not a big fan of Disney, I recommend you going there. Pretty much all the rides are the same as the ones in California, but many details like food, souvenir, customer service are much different and you are garanteed to have an amazing time there! But one big problem about visiting Tokyo Disneyland Resort […]

One of Traditonal Japanese Deserts – Anmitsu

I went to my favorite Japanese sweets shop called MIHASHI in Ikebukuro station. I ordered Anmitsu with vanilla ice cream:) Anmitsu includes red bean paste, rice cakes, white translucent jelly made from red algae or seaweed called KANTEN, salty beans, fruits, and black syrup. Each item has quite simple taste but if you eat some items together,,,,SPECIAL!! Top recommendation from me!!! —–

KOSHIEN – National High School Baseball Championship

Have you here of the “Koshien”? Koshien is national senior high school baseball championships. It held in spring and summer begin in Hanshin Koshien stadium, whole nation cheers the team that represents their prefecture. Osaka-Toin won Koshien this year. They were so good like professionals. That was really exciting. You may think it was a bit weird that many Japanese are so stoked over high school games, but I feel like it’s similar to college basketball in America, and Koshien is one of summer festivals, which is Matsurin in Japanese. Interesting part is that there are a lot of national superstars coming from Koshien every year but consecutive pitching in […]

Live near Tokyo’s best-kept secret

Take a look at the photograph. It’s a map of Tokyo’s subways. Yes, it’s very complicated. Many people can draw a pretty decent Hokkaido freehand but I’ve yet to meet somebody who can do the same with Tokyo’s subway system. It’s the great labyrinth of the Far East. Because people like hierarchies, some of  Tokyo’s 13(!) subway lines get more attention than the others. The Toei Mita Line is one subway line that gets less attention. I used to ride the Mita Line a lot, and I was always amazed that more people didn’t ride it, much less speak of it. It’s not that the Mita Line runs through parts […]


Hi Everyone! My name is Takashi and I am a new sales staff at SAKURA HOUSE. I was born and raised in Japan, and moved to the US stayed over 7 years there. After I came back to Japan, I worked as a translator and interpreter for a while. But here I am at SAKURA HOUSE now, I would do my best to support people from overseas to have a wonderful experience while staying with us. I am looking forward to meeting you all at SAKURA HOUSE🙂 Cheers,    

Sushi fit for Captain Nemo’s table

I like sushi. And as the SAKURA HOUSE office is located in Shinjuku, an area with a high concentration of kaiten-zushi shops (kaiten-zushi shops are those places that serve plates of sushi on conveyer belts), I try to go to one whenever I can. The other day, I came across sea grape sushi. Yup, sea grapes. The stuff really does grow in the ocean. I’ve had it before, and I like its cool, smooth textures, though it does look like something Captain Nemo would serve on the Nautilus. This kind of mild Japanese exotica is a dime a dozen in Shinjuku. Somebody like William Gibson would find a lifetime’s worth of material just by spending […]

Do you love cooking? Join us at YOMODA-KAI!!!

We are looking for cooking lovers who would love to share their original recipes!!! You don’t have to be a sheff working for 5 star hotel or restaurant. As long as you love  what you cook and eat, we can enjoy it. We will prepare the ingredients for whatever you cook. This party is called “Yomoda-kai” August 28th (Thu.) 16:00~ At Sakura Cafe Ikebukuro   You can make yourself or someone else this happy with the food you cook! Your unique receipe may be on our cafe’s menu in a future….  OISHISO~~~!!!   Interested??? Please contact: We’ll be waiting for you!!!

[Event] Sumo Watching Tour [Sep 16th] (宿泊者限定 Hotel/House guests only)

Sumo (相撲) is Japan’s national sport as you know. Three major games at Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan are held in January, May and September.   On September 16th, SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA staff will guide you to watch the sumo tournament together.   Don’t miss this chance! [Date] September 16th (Tue), 2014 [Meeting Time]  1:30PM [Meeting Place] SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA   [MAP] [Fee] 3,200 yen (Ticket & Lunch Included.) PARTY & TOUR PLAN 1:30 PM – Lunch Party at SAKURAHOSTEL ASAKUSA – Enjoy traditional sumo food and more. – A short review about sumo and the wrestlers who will fight on the day.   2:30 PM – Departing from SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA – Walk to […]