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Kyoto Sweets in Shinjuku!

I found Kyoto Sweets shop near our office. The shop is in Shinjuku station. Those ice cream is made of soy milk, very healthy ice cream! It is not so sweet but you can enjoy the bean taste!! They have also Macha and Black sugar ice cream as well. It is nice to enjoy Kyoto sweets in Tokyo!! —-

Sunma is amazing

Sunma is amazing

Did you already have Sanma this year? When this season comes, I always think of eating Sanma. I had Sanma 3 times so far:) Fatty sanma is the one I like. With daikon-oroshi (Grated radish) and sudachi: I can die for it. I think I will have one soon. How about you?

Ueno is raw.

I took those 2 photos in Ueno area. Just before I took these photos, I was at Ueno-no-Mori Musium and enjoyed World-famous Japanese Ukiyo-e painter Hokusai’s  exhibition. And afterI took those photos, I went to 3 wild bars and had some Sake and nice meals. Ueno is RAW and exposed, very different in many ways from other parts of Tokyo.  

YAMATE-DORI Street : My recommended spot for jogging!

Autumn is the season to doing sport. My top recommended spot for jogging is the Yamate-Dori. I especially recommend the area between Nakano-Sakaue and Kanamecho. The road construction has been completed there, and there is a wide path for walking, meaning it’s ideal for cycling and jogging.  Also, it is well-lit at night, so it’s great for night  jogging as well. Let’s go jogging and enjoy Autumn, the season for sport!! Near distance Sakura House : Sakura House Nakanosakaue,  Sakura House Yoyogi-koen 2

Ohigan (Fall)

My grandparents passed away not so long ago, and sometimes I really miss them. I used to live so close to them, just a few steps away. At my parents, we still have the house that my grandparents used to live in, whenever I see the house it brings me back the memories. In Japan, we have several national holidays to honor the spirits of ancestors. I went home to my parents Ohigan this Tuesday. Ohigan is a Buddhist holiday in Japan which is celebrated during both the spring and autumn equinox. Similar to Obon, people visit their ancestors’ grave to pay respect for their ancestors. Higanbana The above is […]

SHIMANAMI CYCLING TOUR: Experience the Traditions of the SETO INLAND SEA and Ride in a World-Class Cycling Event!

SHIMANAMI CYCLING TOUR Saturday, October 25 to Sunday, October 26 ATTENTION CYCLISTS! SAKURA HOUSE is looking for cyclists of all levels to who will ride in CYCLING SHIMANAMI 2014, a world-class cycling event that will be held on Sunday, October 26 in the SETO INLAND SEA (SETONAIKAI), often called Japan’s Aegean Sea! To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Setonaikai National Park and the 15th anniversary of the opening of Nishiseto Expressway (Shimanami Kaido), 8,000 cyclists from around the world will participate in Japan’s biggest international cycling event that will be held on Nishiseto Expressway, 60 kilometers of roads and bridges that links Honshu and Shikoku. With the incredible Seto Inland Sea and its myriad islands as backdrop, it is intended to spread news to […]


If you are not sure which sushi to eat, I would like to recommend,,, CHIRASHIZUSHI !! This is a bowl with sushi vinegrated riced and topped with many kinds of raw fish, pickels, baked egg etc. Usually, the chef choses seasonable raw fish, so it might be better than my choice of sushi. The picture is the one I had recently. Now I’m big fan of Chirashizushi:) —–

Get Spirited Away at Ehime!

If you are a fan of Hanao Miazaki works, you probably do love the design of the bath house in Spirited Away movie. It`s grand exterior and spectacular tree floor structure is one of my favorite movie sets. But did you know that the house was inspired by real building? It`s believed that the idea was taken from actual bath house of over 3000 year history that is still open in the city of Matsuyama. Dogo Onsen is the oldest Hot Spring in Japan and the most important thing is that you can still use its facilities. The main building, symbol of Sogo was completed in 1894 year. The resort […]

Went to eat Unagi

I went to eat Unagi (Freshwater Eel) a few days ago. Eating Unagi at Doyou no Ushino hi is very common here is Japan, but I prefer not to eat Unagi when many people are around unagi restaurants. People have their own tastes that they prefer Amakuchi (Sweet) or Karakuchi(dry and salty) and also hardness of rices. I personally prefer Karakuchi and bit hard cooked rice. What style do you prefer?   Japanese Unagi has been said to be endangered, and this year, it is listed as one of international endangered species in IB category. So, it isn’t in an A Category, yet we need to be very careful and […]

Capsule toy machine.

If you have stayed in Japan for a while, you must have seen one of those called “Gacha Gacha” You put 2 hundred-yen coins and turn the handle, then you can get a tiny toys or some figures in a capsule. I, personally, have never been interested in whatever comes out of those boxes, however, they have been popular for years. Even when I was kid,  I saw many of them. That means, they hey have been around for 30 years at least. If you are interested in Japanese Manga or Anime, you may be interested in trying one. They could be a good souvenir to bring to your country. […]