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Rikugien Autumn Light Up ↑↑↑

You MUST go see this breathtakingly beautiful sight. Rikugien Autumn Foliage Light Up.   Rikugien is located only a few minutes away from JR Komagome station south exit. (and 10 min. walk from SAKURA HOUSE KOMAGOME 2!!!   This special nighttime illuminations will go on until 9 p.m. every night to December 7th (Sun). Those photos taken by my iPhone is not good enough to convey its majestic beauty to you. This is something you really have to go and feel. There are some Japanese styled cafes in the garden, where you can order light food and Japanese sake. Of course I has a glass of hot sake, enjoying the […]

Thank you for join “THANKS GIVING PARTY” @ Sakura House office 11/28

Thanks to everyone for the fun hours! Yesterday, it was a “Thanks Giving Party” for residents at Sakura House Office! Great food and so much to drink! Cheers!!! Everyone looks happy happy♪ Lovely group shot! We hope we will meet you again!

Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

Christmas Illuminations in Tokyo

It’s getting chilly out, ever since Halloween is over, they started offering Christmas limited edition products and decorating stores with beautiful Christmas illuminations. There are many great places to see decorations at all around Tokyo, but I love going to Yokohama as well to see the illuminations. Every year, at the red brick wearhouse in Yokohama, they have German Christmas Market. I love to go to the market to soak into the spirit of Christmas. Where would you like to go for Christmas illuminations?


今月新しくオープンするサクラハウスの2つの物件にいってきました。 For the reservation <- Click 最初の物件は、、、要町! 要町は池袋のとなりの駅で、歩いてでも行ける距離です。 要町から約5分ほど歩いたところに新しい物件があります。 もちろんですが、、、すべてが新しい!ピカピカッ いろいろな場所に行くには最適なロケーションですし、大都会にもかかわらずとても静かな環境な ところがすごくいいポイントだと思います。 次に行ったのが、、、代田橋!!この物件は今週土曜日(11/29)にオープンします。 代田橋駅は新宿から京王線で2つ目の駅にあります。 ここもいいロケーションですね! レトロなレストランや居酒屋など、、、探索し甲斐のある商店街が気に入りました(^^) スーパーマーケットも駅前にあります。 物件探しにポイントアップ! 駅から約10分ほど歩いたところに新しい物件がありました。It took about 10 mins to reach the new premise. 閑静で静かな住宅街です。 真新しい家具でとても心地よさそうです。 ブランニューなシェアハウスなんて素敵ですね! 要町と代田橋、、、、どちらを選びますか? —-

Tour to new opening Sakura House premises!

I went to two share houses which are newly opened! For the reservation <- Click . First place is,,,, Ikebukuro Kanamecho. . Kanamecho station is only one station from one of the biggest stations in Tokyo, IKEBUKURO! It is even walking distance. . And it took me about 5 mins to reach the share house from Kanamecho station. Let’s see inside,,,, . Of course but,,,,Everything is so new!! . I really like the premise, nice location and quiet neighborhood even it is in central Tokyo. . The second new premise is,,, Daitabashi Suginami!!! which will be opening from this Saturday, 29th November. . Daitabashi station is only two stations away […]

Sakura House TABASHI-KU HASUNE “Aloe Heights”

Sakura House TABASHI-KU HASUNE “Aloe Heights”

I went to Sakura House ITABASHI-KU HASUNE “Aloe Heights” for a room viewing tour with a French lady. She has been studying Japanese for more than 20 years and is looking for a job in Japan this visit. She wants to study for the Japanese language profeciency test at night so she was looking for an apartment type of accommodation in a quiet area. Hatsune area is very quiet even though it only takes about 30 minutes to get to Shinjuku, so the apartment fits her requirements well. We were talking about the difference between Japanese and French. She tought me that French grammar is very complicated, whereas Japanese writing […]

How to Eat Sushi

What if I told you you`d been eating sushi all wrong?? Even if you fancy yourself a sushi connoisseur, it`s never a bad idea to brush up on those table etiquette skills. Who knows, maybe you`ll impress that special someone the next time you take them out for some o-sushi 😉   1. When eating nigiri, dip only the FISH not the rice into the soy sauce – rice is too absorbant, and you don`t want the soy sauce to soak in and overpower the taste 2. Speaking of dipping – it is not a dunk into the soy sauce either (think dipping your toes rather than a cannon ball) […]

♞Horse Racing in Japan: Japan Cup 2014♞

Have you heard about “Japan Cup”?? It is one of the biggest and the most famous horse races in Japan. Pardon me for quoting most of the information from other sources, but I am such a beginner at horse racing I have so much to learn. The Japan Cup is an invitational event, which was first held in 1981. According to Wikipedia, despite “a relatively short history, the race has established itself as an international contest with winners from Japan, North America, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany and Italy.” Sounds like a big game. And here’s the course description of the race from JAIRS;  Japan Association for International Racing […]

Sakura House Komagome2

One of our residents was moving out from Sakura House Komagome2 so I went to Sakura there. She came to Japan to see her relatives but she also went to an event thrown by Sakura House so it seems like she really enjoyed her staying this time in Japan. Komagome station gives you access to both Jr and Tokyo metro, Nanboku line. It is very close to Ikebukuro too. There is also a shopping avenue called Shimofuri Ginza. They throw local events often with friendly vibes, so I think people in Komagome would comfortably accept foreigners. There will be available on the end of November and December. Please contact us if […]

❀Sakura House Events❀

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce you upcoming events we have planned for our Sakura House/Hostel/Hotel residents and their guests? EVENT①Thanks giving Without Borders DINNER PARTY☺ We are going to have a full Thanksgiving dinner right at our office in Shinjuku! Here’s the dinner menu:     ARE YOU HUNGRY YET!?!? We are also planning some fun games as well, so join us for a great dinner and a fun night with other residents and staff!!! ☆★DETAILS★☆ Date and time: November 28th, 19:30-21:30 Place: Sakura House Shinjuku Office Fee: 1,000 yen To reserve: please send an email to Tickets are available at Shinjuku Office, please stop by and grab […]