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Good Bye 2014!

New Year’s Eve!! TIME DOES FLY! Cannot believe today is the last day of 2014. 2014 seems like just started but now we are at end of the day. During this year, we all have good things and bad things. Sometime we were very happy but also quite sad. However, when we look back on it, all things are fine and thankful! We, Sakura-House, ALWAYS thank you all and are so pleased to have you within this year! We hope you all have a blessed year 2015! 良いお年を! 来年もお願いしいたします! **WE ARE OPEN EVERY DAY!!

Sakura House Gokokuji3

I went to Sakura House Gokokuji3 for room viewing tour yesterday. Gokokuji station is just 2 stops from, but it is very quiet compare to Ikebukuro. Maybe the building appearance is not very good but the living room and rooms are very clean and chill. Near Gokokuji station, there is a big temple, literally Gokokuji. They were preparing for HATSUMOUDE, the first shrine visit of New Year. There is a big supermarket nearby, so you can get food and commodity. There will be available rooms next year so please contact us if you are interested in. We have very international staff in the office!!

Worried about the Food You Eat? We’re Worried, Too

Have you ever wondered about what’s in the food you eat? We wondered about the same thing a long time ago, and after much pondering, we decided to grow organic vegetables and eggs at our sister farm in Aomori, TOHOKU BOKUJO. TOHOKU BOKUJO does not use pesticides or agricultural chemicals. It even grows its own chicken feed to make sure our eggs are free of residual pesticides and chemicals. As far as we know, TOHOKU BOKUJO is one of the few farms in Japan where truly organic vegetables and eggs are grown. We believe vegetables and eggs should never contain anything that isn’t supposed to be there. And TOHOKU BOKUJO’s […]

The Year Of The Sheep!!!!

The year 2015 is just around the corner. Have you already made a to do list for 2015? The year 2015 is the year of the sheep. The sheep represents the peace and security of the family or the group of people. I hope you and your family or a group you are attached to will have a nice, peace, and secure year in 2015!!

Cosplayers at Comiket 87

I went to the 87th Comiket, or Comic Market, the Woodstock of all things dojinshi/manga/anime/video game/fandom/otaku. Though Comikets usually gather half a million people each time they are held at Tokyo’s Big Sight convention center, I hadn’t gone to one in quite a while. I now regret not going, because I had a wonderful time. I was especially impressed by the hundreds, no, thousands of cosplayers, who dressed up like their manga/video game heroes/heroines. Here are some of the very cool cosplayers — these guys are making fandom a world of its own — I saw this Sunday. I know I’m going to Comiket 87, scheduled for summer of 2015. […]

Christmas Illumination at Tokyo Sky Tree.

On the Christmas Eve, I was at Tokyo Sky Tree. That night was the first time I went into the inside of the sky tree and I was amazed by the young crowds filling the area. As far as I remember, that area used to be one of a few hardcore old-fashioned downtown districts in Tokyo and when I was there before Sky Tree got built, there were only  few people passing me by and did not get to see big crowds like that at all. There was not much surprise or excitement within me when I looked up the Sky Tree from its bottom, though. Even though seeing many […]

New Year’s Day In Japan!

I assume that you have a plan on the new year’s eve already. Outing for drinks or watching Kohaku on NHK? For the first morning of 2015. we are going to have the tour Let’s Experience New Year’s Day In Japan!! If you are not sure how to make a year’s first visit to a shrine please join us:)     Do you know how Japanese people spend a New Year’s Day? You can experience it through this activity. “Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!” Date & Time: January 1st(Thu), 13:30PM-15:30PM Meeting Place: SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA Admission: 500 YEN(Including New Year’s Special Lunch) ★Plan of the Activity★ -Tasting a […]

To-Do List for Ōmisoka!

Howdy all!! How was your Christmas?? Hope you had a great one, for me and others at Sakura House, we all worked during Christmas but were happy to meet some new faces 🙂 My little Xmas decoration☆ Anyways, with Christmas in the past we are surely and quickly approaching the end of 2014. How was the highlights of your year? My highlight of the year is started working for Sakura House back in July. Ever since then I have met so many people from so many countries I can’t even count…:P Speaking of end of the year, Ōmisoka; New Year’s Eve is a pretty big and important part of Japanese […]

Kokeshi Store – Kokeshika

I went to a kokeshi store called Kokeshika in Kamakura. Kokeshi(s) `are Japanese dolls, originally from northern Japan. They are handmade from wood, have a simple trunk and an enlarged head with a few thin, painted lines to define the face. The body has a floral design painted in red, black, and sometimes yellow, and covered with a layer of wax. One characteristic of kokeshi dolls is their lack of arms or legs. The bottom is marked with the signature of the artist.’ (wikipedia) Kokeshi are very well known / traditional type of doll. I think almost all Japanese know Kokeshi. Kokeshika carries creative style of Kokeshi, which is a […]

Sakura House Sendagaya 4 chome

Yesterday I went to see the resident of Sakura house Sendagaya 4 chome, who moved out. He came from Spain to do an internship in a famous architecture company in Japan. There are many residents in Sakura House Sendagaya 4 chome working and doing an internship in an architecture company, car company and electrical manufacturer in Japan. Sakura House Sendagaya 4 chome is very close to Aoyama and Shibuya where there are a lot of architecture companies and design companies, so I think the apartment fits people working that kind industry. It is also easy access to Harajuku, Roppongi and Ikebukuro. There are many rooms available now. If you are interested […]