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Fishing at swimming pool!? TOSHIMAEN.

Let’s go winter fishing! but winter river, lake, sea…  too cold!! and if you want play fishing, we need fishing pole, car, basket, etc…  too much cost! So, my recommend fishing spot is  “Swimming pool”. Some swimming pool is you can rental fishing items, so good for easy fishing and one day trip. My favorite fishing spot is “Toshimaen”, easy to access by Toei-oedo-line, just 20 minutes from Shinjuku. let’s try easy winter fishing!!

Train Navigation in Tokyo

One of the things that you might have trouble with the first time you arrive here in Tokyo is, figuring out the train system. Even though I am a Japanese and from Kanto region, I still had a hard time figuring out all the train lines around Shinjuku station (I still have hard time from time to time (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)) But thanks to all the innovation and development in information technology, it does not have to be so hard. Tokyo Metro Co., offers this app for iPhone and Android called “Tokyo Subway Navigation for Tourists” to help you figure out how to get to one place to another by subway. Many metro stations […]

Kawagoe : A city where you can feel Edo’s breath

I recommend to you today on this blog a little excursion for all lovers of traditional Japan but have, unfortunately, no time or the budget to visit places such as Kyoto, Nara and Nikko. Today I present the city of Kawagoe! Founded in 1922, Kawagoe (川越) is a city in Saitama prefecture located approximately 30 minutes from downtown Tokyo . Nicknamed “Little Edo ” or ” Koedo ” (小江戸) after the former name of Tokyo , it is considered today as one of the tourist sites in the region not to be missed! It developed keeping the historical and cultural tradition. The most important site Kawagoe is the steeple(Toki no […]

Even before Sakura, Japan is already blooming ^^

Konnichi wa ! Suddenly the temperatures are getting upper than 10 degrees Celsius and it feels like spring is getting closer. Knowing Japanese people’s taste for seasons passing, they inevitably starts thinking Sakura (桜), the Japanese cherry trees blossom. Each year in late March, the country is carried away by the Hanami mania (花見 / literally “flower viewing”) and many people gather under the cherry trees in full bloom to admire the arrival of spring… However, before the Sakura bloom, there is another kind of Hanami, less known but equally interesting: the Japanese Plum trees blossom, Ume (梅). Ume is native to Central China and was already known during the […]

Sakura House Shoinjinjamae

Sakura House Shoinjinjamae is located in Setagaya area. It is very close to Shibuya and Shimokitazawa which is very popular area among young people. It is near Shoinjinjamae station on the Tokyu Setagaya line and Komazawa-daigaku station on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line. Sakura House offers Japanese-style share house rooms with reasonably-priced. The same as other Sakura House, all rooms are furnished and monthly rent, showing on the website is including utilities. This is a very good opportunity for foreigners to live in the area, where many young Japanese want to live in. There are rooms available. Feel free to contact us, if you are interested in. Sakura House staff response […]

Pachinko is a gambling game?

Have you ever played pachinko? I am sure you’ve seen pachinko parlors if you have stayed in Japan. They are everywhere. Pachinko is a mechanical game often seen as a gambling form. The player fires balls into the machine, and then those silver balls go down through dozens of pins. The object of the game is to capture as many balls as possible. The balls can then be exchanged for prizes. I’ve played pachinko once in my life.I paid 500 yen and got  some balls. Not many. I can’t blame them. I paid only 500 yen. And OMG!!! How quickly balls got swallowed by the machine !!! That was so quick, quick enough to […]

Fuchu Horserace & Cocktail Tour !

February is a month of houserace. Please let us to invite you to Fuchu Racecourse on EVERY SUNDAY(1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd!!!) On the blog updated few days ago,  we offered you an admission ticket, 2 drinks and light meal if you pay 1,200 yen only and that was a great deal. But now, we are offering you even better deal. An admission ticket, 3 glasses of tasty cocktail and SPECIAL MEAL !!! You can get them all by paying only 1,200 yen!!!! Besides, you will be watching the race in VIP room!!! Seats are limited to 8 people for this fantastic event. Contact us at RIGHT NOW!!!

Sakura House Gokokuji 2

I went to Sakura House Gokokuji 2 with a new resident for room viewing tour this week. Gokokuji is just 2 stops from Ikebukuro, which is one of the busiest cities of Tokyo. You can walk to get Ikebukuro. Even though Gokokuji is very closes to Ikebukuro, it has a local atmosphere and is rather quiet. There is a supermarket near the station so you can get ingredients and bento for lunch. There is also a big temple called Gokokuji near the station, where many Japanese visit and pray. If you want to go room viewing, feel free to contact us. Sakura House staff will respond with many kinds of languages.

Ya-Ne-Sen “FREE” Walking Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club

Good evening all! Hope you enjoyed the nice warm weather we had today! If you are new to Japan you might be overwhelmed by all the fun options that Tokyo has to offer to keep you entertained… AND, that is why Sakura Hostel/Hotels and Sakura House periodically plan out events for our residents and their guests for free or such an affordable prices! It is also great opportunities to meet people from different parts of the world, get to know them and share some useful information about living in Tokyo On February 8th (Saturday) from 1 PM to 4 PM, Sakura Hotel Ikebukuro is hosting a walking tour of “Ya-Ne-Sen […]

Fuchu Keiba Cocktail Tour is BACK!

That’s right, you read it right… FUCHU KEIBA COCKTAIL TOUR IS BACK!!! And this time it’s an upgraded version..we have VIP SEATS reserved for you! (there is a dress code ;)) So, here is the agenda for the tour; we will meet up at West Exit of Keio Line Shinjuku Station, and will head to Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu. We will explore what Tokyo Racecourse has to offer, watch races (betting is optional of course :P) and after experiencing some heat at the racecourse we will visit Hotel Continental Fuchu, where we can enjoy some Keiba cocktails that are ONLY AVAILABLE at Hotel Continental Fuchu! We will have some snacks […]