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What to do when an EARTHQUAKE occurs

Hello all, today I want to talk about something serious. Did you feel the earthquakes we had last night? I was walking Shinjuku and  I heard people on the streets talking “Ah earthquake?Do you feel it? It’s been shaking for a while now… But as I was walking on the street, I felt nothing, I stopped for a second to see if it’s really happening, but I couldn’t really tell. When there is a big earthquake, your cellphone usually goes off saying “Earthquake, earthquake, please safely evacuate to a safe place”. That somehow did not happen last night either, so I figured it wasn’t that big. Later on the news […]


Did you know that Baseball is the biggest sport here in Japan? The tour will be held at Jingu Stadium, built in 1926, is the oldest baseball stadium in Tokyo. Date: 2015/June/6th (Sat) Place: Jingu Satadium Game: Tokyo Yakult Swallows VS Chiba Lotte Marines. Limit: Up to 50 people Meeting:Pick one from 1-3 1.Sakura Hotel Hatagaya 12:20 2.Sakura Hostel Asakusa 12:20 3.JR Sendagaya Satation ticket gate 1:00 How to sign up? Please pay 1,900 yen at any Sakura Hotel, Asakusa, Ikebukuro, Jimbocho or Hatagaya. *No refund except canceled by rain* What if it rained? The stadium will make a decision at 12:30 if the game was canceled. We will refund […]

How to make ☂ days fun!

I don’t know about you all, but I am not a big fan of rainy days…I know without rain and water we cannot survive but it just gives me headache and I do not like the humidity and all… Rainy season is about to start in Japan, it starts around the beginning of June and lasts until mid- July in Tokyo. Even on gloomy rainy days there are things you can do to make it fun! Here’s my list: ①Go to Disneyland. Did you know that on rainy days there are less people at the park?? And also, on rainy days they have a special parade called “Nightfall glow”?? If […]

Disaster Prevention Safety Experience/ Edo Tokyo Museum Tour on June 7th!

< Disaster Prevention Safety Experience/ Edo Tokyo Museum Tour> Come experience what will it be like to encounter disasters, and learn how to act in those disastrous situations! You could choose either to experience a storm and extinguish fire, or experience a storm and water disaster in a city at Life Safety Learning Center in Tokyo Fire Department! If you would like, we will be visiting Edo Tokyo Museum as well! (There is an admission fee) Date: June 7th (Sun) Meeting Time and Place: 12:30 PM at JR Kinshicho Station North Exit Fee: Free (Admission fee for the museum not included) Reservation: *This event is for the residents of […]

Jog Around the Imperial Palace! Part 9

How about a refreshing jog around the majestic beauty of Tokyo Imperial Palace? Meet us at SAKURA HOTEL JIMBOCHO, and from there, we will run together to the nearby Palace area. ■Date:May 29th(Fri) ■Starting time:19:00 ~ ■Place: Sakura Cafe Jimbocho ■Participants: Runnners(All nationalities ) ※only for 15 people ■Fee:1,500 yen for New customers 1,200 yen for Frequent guests(300 yen OFF!) including -Dishes from Around the World -Beer or Healthy Drink -Shower and towel If you would like to join this event please contact with  or  Tel:03-3261-3939

Are you still be able to eat in this hot season?

Hello everybody, It is really getting hotter and hotter and humid starts bother us again. Do you have any plan for this summer? I haven’t decide anything for this summer yet. What I worry now is  loosing my appetite because of the summer heat(夏バテ) I might have it soon. Well, in this case I always eat salad or something it is not heavy on my stomach. I am thinking about going to eat Ikebukuro Cafe’s Tohoku Bokujo Set meal (東北牧場セット) in this weekend. The vegetables looks nice right? And this pure organic vegetables will give me a lot of vitamins to stay healthy in this summer. The price is […]

TAKE ME TO A BALL GAME! Baseball Game Tour!

“Take me out to the ball game, Take me out with the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and cracker jack, I don’t care if I never get back, Let me root, root, root for the home team, If they don’t win it’s a shame. For it’s one, two, three strikes, you’re out, At the old ball game.” Lyrics from: Japanese people LOOOOOOOOOVE baseball, though as the new sports starts to be played in Japan, it’s popularity has still remained as No.1. As I am in charge of events at Sakura House, I have asked many times if there is going to be a baseball event in the future. Ladies […]

A hand held fan called 扇子(SEN-SU)

Hello everyone, it is too hot, isn’t it? I got a 扇子 from my friend, therefore, this year I use the 扇子 to overcome a muggy summer. It can be foldable to make itself smaller, therefore it is really convenient to carry. It’s good for present to your family or friend, let’s enjoy the summer even if hot days will keep going.


Everybody loves, Doraemon. I remember how I wished I had him when I was younger…I mean who wouldn’t want to those gadgets that makes your dreams (even the stupid ones)?? Anyways, Sakura Hotel would like to invite those Doraemon fans to join them in making of Doraemon Sushi roll and Doraemon museum tour! Come join us, it would be so much fun!

Cycling to the ocean park.

I always wanted to be on my bicycle and go to Kasai Rinkai Park , however, the weather was always bad whenever I was off. And yesterday, the sky finally cleared up.   We had a lunch nearby the ocean. It was getting pretty hot, so we took a shirt off and had a few bottles of wine. The wind was brisk and felt nice on a drunken skin. A man sunbathing in front of us was telling us that the summer was right there.   After a few hours, we left the ocean. And on our way home, we found a beautiful cornflowers blooming in a field.   There […]