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BBQ Party~

We went to Totsuka in Yokohama City to join BBQ party at our friend’s house on 27th. As you see in the photo, the rain had stopped, however, it was not particularly a nice day for the party outside. This is the first time for me to be at Totsuka. We got there a little late and our friends had already started a party. What a feast! Those chickens were very good. As far as I remember, they said those were seasoned with rosemary and some herb… While enjoying some wine and sake and food, the sky was getting clear. The night fell and candles were lit. Fun! Fun! Fun! […]

Yukata Dressing Experience & Temaki Sushi Lunch in ASAKUSA!

Hello, ’tis the almost the season for summer festivals in Japan, which means you get to wear a Yukata! In my opinion, Yukata is the coolest souvenir one can bring back from Japan! But how can you bring it back as a souvenir when you do not know how to wear it?? Oh no! But no worries, we are having a yukata dressing workshop at Sakura Hostel Asakusa on July 12th (Sun) from 9:30am to 1:00 pm! After the workshop, we will be having lunch at the hostel, you can make your own hand rolled Sushi 😉 To reserve your spot, send an email to: Don’t miss the opportunity!

Night at nostalgic town, Shin-Koiwa.

You may have not heard of the town named “Shin-koiwa” which  is located at the east end of Tokyo and you can get there by taking Sobu-line (Only 30 min. from Shnjuku Station.). In this part of Tokyo, you can see many old houses, cafes, grocery shops, bars…. as well as big franchise stores and Pachinko parlors. I took many photos strolling around. Please see those photos and feel the charm of this city.   House under the Moonlight.   Street of Lights.   Running away from the Lights.   Office.   Shops.   Station.   House behind the vending machine.   Wolves.   Whisper of Houses.   At the […]

International Party @Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

We are holding International Party on 2nd Friday and 4th Friday @ Sakura Hotel Jimbocho ! It will be a good opportunity to make friends from all over the world and also nice to learn Japanese language from local Japanese people ! Why don’t you come and join us the party ! Also we will serve nice and fresh organic vegetable plates and some snacks ! ■Date:June 26th (July 10th,24th is determined) ■Starting time:19.00 ■Place:Sakura Hotel Jimbocho ■Participants:1.000 yen -including One beer or cocktails and light snacks Click the Link below to read more and to check out the poster for this event! Attending this event E-mail : […]

FREE Geisha Night Show!! 6/26(Fri) 19pm-20pm !!

GEISHA (or geiko in Kyoto dialect) are professional entertainers who attend guests during meals, banquets and other occasions. They are trained in various traditional Japanese arts, such as dance and music, as well as in the art of communication. Their role is to make guests feel at ease with conversation, drinking games and dance performances. If you are interested in Japan, you might know something about GEISHA. We invites the dancers of Japanese classical dance on 6/26 19:00 pm-20:00 pm at Sakura Hostel Asakusa ! This is FREE event, do not miss it !! PHOTO GALLERY  : 20150522 Geisha Night Show

How to Prevent Mosquito In Japan

As you know, summer in Japan is hot and humid. And as soon as the rainy season, insects begin to enter the houses. Among the charming critters that we would be okay, it obviously has cockroaches (nightmare # 1). But if you come to Japan this summer, you will soon realize that mosquitoes can just as well you make life (nightmare # 2). Of course, mosquitoes are attacking our white skins foreigners. Nothing to do with our mosquito France that leave us a little red button that starts in 48 hours, here you end up with real steaks on the arms or calves which visibly to grow if you have […]

Yoyogi Park Events!

Hello all, how are you spending this rainy Sunday?? Since it’s weekend, it would be just great to sit at home, sip some hot tea and read a book or watch a movie… BUTTTT!!! Especially on a rainy day like this you should get out of your house and explore! You might come across something interesting… Have you ever been to Yoyogi Park? As Yoyogi Park is one of the largest city parks in Tokyo, even if you have never been there I am sure you have heard of it. It’s such a great park, it’s got wide lawns, ponds and forested areas. You see people jogging, picnicking, or just enjoying the […]

International FUTSAL game on 6/27(SAT) 12:00pm-15:00pm @ Kugayama ! Feel free to join us!

We, (SAKURA HOUSE) have FUTSAL game on 6/27(SAT), 12 : 00 pm -15 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Meeteing spot:11:30 am Kugayama Station Beginners, ladies, everybody feel free to join us! Let’s enjoy play together!! E-mail :

The Importance of blood type groups in Japan

One of the unique or weird question Japanese people ask to friends or acquaintances is about one’s blood type. Much has been written about it but for those who do not already know , here’s our blog today 🙂 First, did you ever wonder why everyone in Japan knows their blood types? The reason is simple: In Japanese culture the blood type group gives many clues or information about the personality of that person, or at least that is the belief. Here are the characteristics of different blood types: BLOOD TYPE A: Positive traits : Creative , sensitive , reserved , patient, responsible . Negative traits : hard to deal […]

(probably) the cheapest.

This is the vending machine selling drinks at extremely low price. It must be the cheapest of all vending machines I’ve ever seen.   This has a soda, tea, coffee, juice , …all 50 yen!!! You should be able to find one in  Kabukicho, Shinjuku.   If you want to have a good access to this vending machine , please move to Sakura House Shin Okubo Sakura House Nakano Sakaue