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Face of Japanese Summer: Morning Glory

Good morning all! Hope you are surviving this muggy summer here in Japan. I love flowers. Since there are four seasons in Japan, you can enjoy all different kinds of flowers for every season. One of the flowers that can be seen in many places in Japan during summer is the “Morning Glory”. Morning glory is one of the flowers that represent Japan. It is said that morning glory was introduced to Japan from China during Nara period. In China, morning glory is called “Kanigoshi” and was used as a medicine. Ever since it was introduced here in Japan, it was also used as a medical herb for a long […]

Japanese Ghosts !!

Summer is the ghost season in Japan. People believe that ghosts appear on hot summer nights. Ghosts in Japan have no feet and when they appear they say “urameshiya” (death awaits you) in a sad, groaning voice. On summer nights, young people in Japan play kimodameshi which is a game of dares. After telling ghost stories to each other, the players take it in turns to go to a scary place like a graveyard or forest and stay there as long as they can. Sometimes other players will appear from the dark and make them jump. Ahh, just thinking about it scares me! In Japan there are many different kinds […]

Close to everywhere, Shibuya Sendagaya 4 Chome

If you are looking for share house or dormitory in Shibuya area, why don`t you check out Sakura House Shibuya Sendagaya ? ■Easy access to attractive places! ※Walking distance to Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku ※Nearby Kitasando station by Fukutoshin line Only 5 mins. from Kitando sta to Shibuya Fukutoshin line. ※Access to Yoyogi station by Yamanote, Sobu, Oedo line &Sendgaya station by Sobu line. ■ Convenient&Interesting Neighborhood! ※Hatonomori shrine / Surrounded by beautiful greenery. ※Sento (Public bath) /  Just a minute away. ※Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium /  Enjoy exercise! Only 5 minutes away. ■Bicycle Parking Lots Have fun Cycling around Tokyo! *To register, 5,000 yen deposit (refundable) need to be placed. ■International atmosphere Good opportunity to meet residents from all over the world! If you are interested in the building, please feel free to contact us ☆Sendagaya 4 Chome ☆

Swimming Pools in Tokyo

Oh my gosh, it is so hot these days. Today, I am going to write about swimming pool in Tokyo. Sounds good right? If the heat gets easier. Toshimaen The most famous pool in Toshimaen is the lazy river.  This world first lazy river was introduced in 1965. Other Attractions like Hydro Polis, Tubes and tunnel water slides, and The Nautic Jet , a single ride water shoot are the famous and must try! please visit Toshimaen with your friends, girl friend/boy friend or family;) Basically, what you need to bring is only swimming suit and a towel maybe clothes. You can rent other things like swim rings and  parasol sunshades. […]

Summer in Japan

How long is the school summer holiday in your country? Do school students have a lot of homework in the summer holiday? What do you think of when you think about summer in Japan? I ‘d like to talk about how students spend the summer holiday in  Japan. The school year in Japan is April to March so the summer is in the middle of the school year. This means Japanese students have a lot s of homework to do in the summer. Most primary school students have a write and draw a picture dairy about how they spend their summer. They often have a independent project to do as […]

Fire Works In Japan

How are you surviving this hot and humid summer? Fireworks (hanabi) is really something in Japan. People are going to see fireworks and they don’t mind if there is a traffic or a lot of people i\on a train. We just want to go see Firework in Summer! It was 38th Sumida River Fire Works today. 20,000 Hanabis were in the night sky of Tokyo tonight. Did you go there? I bet there were a lot of people wearing Yukata to see the Fireworks (Hanabi) tonight;) And yet Tokyo’s Hanabi season is just started with the largest Hanabi Festival today. Next Saturday, August 1st, there will be 56th Itabashi Fireworks!! […]

The midsummer day of the ox☼

Howdy all! How are you surviving this hot muggy weather? Today is the midsummer day of the ox, Doyo no Ushi ‘s no Hi (土 用 の 丑 の 日). It is a special day dedicated to the traditional calendar buffalo ( one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac) . He fell about 4 times a year , every season , but retains most often that summer . This year the day falls today 24th of July.and on this day many Japanese people eat eel. Why? It is because, when the season is changing, especially from rainy season to summer, many people have hard time adjusting to the […]

✺Annual 50th Nakameguro Awa Odori Summer Festival✺

Hello all! Have you made plans to go to all the cool festivals this year?? For me and many of our staff, Annual 50th Nakameguro Awa Odori Summer Festival will be the first summer festival to take part in! Our residents and staff have been taking part in this festival doing “Awa Odori”. In Awa Odori, “groups of choreographed dancers and musicians known as ren (連) dance through the streets, typically accompanied by the shamisen lute, taiko drums, shinobue flute and the kane bell. Performers wear traditional obondance costumes, and chant and sing as they parade through the streets. Awa is the old feudal administration name for Tokushima prefecture, and odori means dance.” (Wikipedia) Every year Sakura House residents and […]

International FUTSAL game on 7/26(SUN) 15:00pm-18:00pm @ Kugayama ! Feel free to join us!

We (SAKURA HOUSE) have FUTSAL game on 7/26(SUN), 15: 00 pm -18 : 00 pm @ Kugayama!! Meeting spot :14 : 30 pm Kugayama Station Beginners, ladies, everybody feel free to join us! Let’s enjoy play together!! E-mail :


Day : 2015/ Jul / 23(Thu) from PM 07:00 to PM 09:00 Fee : JPY 500 (Tax included)   For whom have never tasted SAKE in their lives, we’re organizing SAKE TRIAL NIGHT on July 23rd! You can taste some different tastes of Japanese SAKE with 500 yen(Light meals served). And the staff who knows better about SAKE will give us a small workshop. Date : July 23rd, 2015 (Thu) Place : Sakura Hostel Jimbocho’s lobby Time : 19:00-21:00 (Evening) Fee:500 yen/ No Reservation Needed / Entering & Leaving at will You can also sign up for SAKE BREWERY TOUR at this event! ★Only over-20-years-old people can join these events […]