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The end of the summer……

The end of the summer..for school children For children in Tokyo, August 31st is the last day of summer. It is a day for doing summer homework which most children leave until the last minute! September 1st is the first day of the new school term and many children are excited about returning to school and seeing their friends again after the long summer. Even though the sumer holidays have finished it doesn’t mean the summer is over in Japan. The hot, humid weather usually continues till the end of September. This summer we have had lots of guests staying with us at Sakura House. Thank you to everyone who […]

Farewell to summertime BBQ Party.

This summer has been very extreme. In the beginning of the August, it was so hot and muggy that many people on this island got sick. But for the past week, it has been very cool and rained a lot. It almost feels like summer has been completely over. So, we had a BBQ party on the balcony at one of my friends’ place. Having beef, Chicken, fish, clam, and all different kinds of vegetable and a lot of wine , beer and sake, we had such a great time! One of my friend is very good at cooking YAKISOBA (Pan-fried noodle) from his hometown. It was yummy… And at […]

Tokyo Neighborhoods : NAKANO BROADWAY!

Have you ever heard about Nakano Broadway before? Nakano broadway is well known as the Holy Land of OTAKU !!! ☆Unique OTAKU Goods & Services☆ ~ Animation, Manga, Figures,  Idol Related Goods, Video games etc… ~ ☆ Reasonable Cloth&Shoes Shops, Various types of Restaurant & Food Court☆ ♬ Fun to walk around the shopping district ♬ By the way, did you know that there is Sakura House close to Nakano Broadway? NAKANO NUMABUKURO APARTMENT NAKANO APARTMENT NAKANO SHIMBASHI SHEAR HOUSE If you are interested in the building, please feel free to contact at 03-5330-5250!!  

Japanese peoples’ favorite: Onsen

It goes without saying that Japanese people LOOOOOOVE taking bath and going to Onsens (hot springs). Even monkeys love them. There are so many nice Onsen spots around Japan that you can definitely plan an Onsen trip to cover all the islands of Japan. Buuut, all of you busy peeps like yourself, cannot afford the time or money to go out to cover all the Onsens in Japan. Plus, just getting to those spot itself would take time and energy by the time you get back all the tension you got to relieve will be back with you. But no worries, did you know, that they have these Onsen themed […]

Beautiful town Kamakura, I know you went there already, but…

Kamakura, I know you went there already, but this town always makes me want to go. I went to Hokoku-ji so-called bamboo temple in Kamakura last week. There is beautiful bamboo garden in front of the main hall in the temple, so you can feel “Zen” and escape the heat of Tokyo. It takes about 10 minutes by bus from Kamakura station and admission fee is just 200 yen. You can also go to Kotoku-in to see the famous giant buddha on the same day. Yuigahama beach is walking distance from Kamakura station too. There are a lot of beach houses along Yuigahama beach in summer. A Thailand style beach […]

Have you ever tried Sake?

Have you ever tried Sake? There are many different classifications of sake and this can be a little confusing at first. Basically, though, sake is divided into two main types: Junmai Sake and Non-Junmai Sake. Junmai Sake is made from rice and koji, which is a type of mould. Non-Junmai Sake is also made from rice and koji but in addition to this it contains a tiny amount of ‘brewers alcohol’. This is the key difference between Junmai and Non-Junmai Sake. The quality of sake depends on how polished the rice grains used to make the sake are. Generally speaking, the more polished the rice grain, the better quality the […]

How to call yourself in Japanese.

In English, you always call yourself I. It doesn’t matter whether you are man or woman or manly or feminine. I don’t think there are many people out there who hate calling him/herself “I” and seriously thinking about creating different name.   For Japanese men, there are 3 different names to call himself. “ORE””BOKU””WATASHI”   ORE is the most popular one. Almost all men I have met usually call himself ORE. I call myself ORE. However, ORE has not been my favorite one. ORE sounds, to me, masculine and tough. Many restaurants or noodle shops use “ORE” in their name nowadays. ORE sounds very confident and somewhat assertive. I personally […]


Today I’d like to introduce the Tokyu Setagaya tram system. This is one of the shortest lines in Tokyo – it only takes around 18mins to travel from one end to the other! It may be short but it’s super convenient as it connects to 3 other main lines. At one end of the line is Sangenjaya Station.  There are lots of things to see and do around Sangenjaya Station.  There’s a large theatre, lots of shops, and in the Autumn there’s a great street performance festival. At the other end of the line is Shimotakaiido Station where there’s a famous sushi restaurant called Asahi-zushi.  Shimotakaiido has a direct link […]

Hair Salons in Japan

Hair style does matter.  I think it goes for many other girls and not only me , but one of the things we girls do worry about when moving to a foreign country is “Do they have a decent hair salon there?” In my case, it’s going to be ” Do they have a Japanese hair salon in the area??” In fact, when I was in Seattle, I only went to a Japanese hair salon, and when I was n Michigan and there was no Japanese hair salon nearby, I went all the way to Chicago to get my hair done by a Japanese person. As many of you know, […]

Where to start your business in Tokyo?

For many people, September is the month for new start. Are you thinking about starting your own business but don’t know where to have your own  office without worrying about language barrier? Then, come to our BUSINESS GARDEN!!!   ★One month rent and one month deposit. That is all you have to pay to start off! ★Broadband internet connection! ★You will get your own telephone number and we will act as your secretary answering incoming calls for you! ★Wonderful location! SHINJUKU! Nearby Sakura House: NAKANO SHIMBASHI!   YOTSUYA! Nearby SAKURA HOUSE: YOTSUYA 3 CHOME!   YOTSUYA ANNEX! Nearby SAKURA HOUSE: YOTSUYA 3 CHOME! SHIBUYA! Nearby SAKURA HOUSE: SHOIN JINJAMAE! […]