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Kawagoe(Koedo”Little edo”) tour with TCGC!

Kawagoe(Koedo”Little edo”) tour with TCGC! Kawagoe has a nickname of “Ko-edo”, which means “Little Edo” in Japanese. The Street is lined with traditional warehouses and maintains the old outlook of what the place was like during the Edo period. Kawagoe is a very popular tourist spot with an average of 5.5 million visitors a year. Fee: 300 yen for admission charge(+1000 yen for a round-trip fare from Ikebukuro) Date & Time: 11th(Sun) October.  12:00-around 16:00 Meeting Point: Sakura Hostel Ikebukuro lobby. * The first 30 people who applied from Sakura group can join. *This is the event only for Sakura House Residents / Sakura Hotel & Hostel Customers. *このイベントはサクラホテルおよびホステルのご宿泊者とサクラハウス居住者を対象としております。一般参加はお断りしております。 […]

Ikebukuro Fukuro Festival

Yesterday was the Ikebukuro Fukuro Festival. This festival has been held annually since 1968 and this year a total of 18 ‘mikoshi’ (portable shrines) were carried along the parade route.  Thousands of people came to Ikebukuro to watch the festival – it was absolutely packed! Sakura House residents, who are studying Japanese in Tokyo, also took part and helped carry the mikoshi. People from Vietnam, Nepal, China and lots of other countries participated. It was a really international atmosphere! This was the first time for all of them to carry a mikoshi. Just before the start they quickly practised how to carry the mikoshi and the words they should chant. […]

We’re joining Fukuro-Festival TODAY!

Sakura House staff and residents are joining Fuuro-Festival tonight ! Fukuro-Festival is not transmitted from Edo-era, like many festivals in Tokyo. It started from 1968, very new, and yet, they say this is one of the biggest festivals in central Tokyo. Look at the photo below. It really is a BIG festival!   And WE’RE JOINING THIS FESTIVAL THIS YEAR AGAIN! It looks like, they are having so much fun carrying “o-mikoshi”(portable shrine). Please come see us in Ikebukuro! We will be carrying it from 17:00-19:15 TODAY! Do you wanna join us next year? Please stay at SAKURA HOUSE or SAKURA HOTEL! Here is the links for SAKURA HOUSE […]

The most popular car in Japan is the Kei-car.

The most popular car in Japan is the Kei-car. The Kei-car is one of the genrestypes of  cars. Kei means that it is light. The standard of the Kei-car is determined by a law. Size of engine is set up to  660 cc. Full length is up to 339 cm. Overall width is up to 147cm. This standard is unique to Japan.   A tax break is also given, So As a result, the share of the Kei-car is 40% in Japan. Enjoy K-Car !!

♞Horse Racing is back! Fuchu Derby Cocktail Tour♞

Howdy all! Have you heard about our horse racing tour?? We held it this Spring, and now it is back in time for the fall races at Tokyo Racecourse! Wanted to go last time but didn’t get to go? This is your chance! Here are all the goodies you will get out of our Horse Racing event: ① You will have an access to special area where only horse owners get to go in and you will get to sit on Horse Owners’ Seat, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity! ② You can learn how to bet if you wish! And if you bet, you might get lucky and get some money! […]

Japanese Energy Drinks ( Does it really work or is it bad for your health )

What are energy drinks?  Energy drinks are drinks that contain large doses of caffeine and other legal stimulants. We have now entered a generation where energy drinks have become so popular among  Japanese teenagers and young adults.  Japan has become a really busy and active society. Working hours tend to be long and  Japanese people depend on coffee or energy drinks that both contain caffeine to start their day. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system, giving you energy and causes you to feel more alert  of your surroundings and gives you that extra energy if you have had lack of sleep. Unfortunately, the effects of caffeine wear off after a few hours. The […]

‘sama’, ‘dono’ and ‘onchu’.

In Japanese we use a variety of honorific titles and today I’d like to introduce three:’sama’,‘dono’ and ‘onchu’. 様 殿 御中 様 ‘sama’ is a more polite form of ‘san’ which is the most commonly used honorific in Japanese. ‘sama’ is used in spoken Japanese and in business emails and letters. 殿 ‘dono’ is even more polite than ‘sama’ and is only used in written Japanese. You often see it used in public documents. 御中 ‘onchu’ is also only used in written Japanese. It is usually used when addressing a group such as a company, school or organisation. As you can see, Japanese is a language with many different honorific […]

Not sure what “sushi” to eat?

If you are not sure which sushi to eat, I would like to recommend,,, CHIRASHI-ZUSHI !! This is a bowl with sushi vinegrated riced and topped with many kinds of raw fish, pickels, baked egg etc. Usually, the chef choses seasonable raw fish, so it might be better than my choice of sushi. looks yummy right? So, if you have your favourite sashimi and veggies plus vinegared rice, you can actually make your own Chirashi-zushi If you just want to eat, then go to a supermarket around your Sakura House, I am sure that you will find chirashi-zushi in there;) Be a big fan of Chirashi-zushi:)  

Today is “keiro-no-hi”

How are you spending your Silver Week? Today is “keiro-no-hi” (Respect for the Aged Day) in Japan. It is a day to pay respects to elderly friends and family and to pray for their continued health and longevity. Keiro-no-hi originated in Hyogo Prefecture but by 1950 it had spread throughout the country. In Hyogo it was originally called “Day for the Elderly” but this was changed to “Respect for the Aged Day”. Japan already had the national holidays Children’s Day and Coming of Age Day and Respect for the Aged Day became another national holiday. Most people visit their grandparents and give them a gift on Respect for the Aged […]

Welcome to Japan!-Narita Airport.

If you have ever come directly to Tokyo, you might have landed either in Narita or Haneda Airport. I am pretty sure that many of you landed in Narita airport and felt uneasy to get to the center of Tokyo. However, Tokyo is such a big city and still expanding, there has to be a good distance between the airport and the city. I am introducing the ways you get to the city from Narita.   By Train. *Narita Express This should be the easiest way to come out to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Kamakura, or  to Mt. Fuji!!!   *Keisei Skyliner This will take you to Nippori Sta. on […]