♞Horse Racing is back! Fuchu Derby Cocktail Tour♞

Howdy all! Have you heard about our horse racing tour??
We held it this Spring, and now it is back in time for the fall races at Tokyo Racecourse!
Wanted to go last time but didn’t get to go?
This is your chance!
Here are all the goodies you will get out of our Horse Racing event:
① You will have an access to special area where only horse owners get to go in and you will get to sit on Horse Owners’ Seat, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

② You can learn how to bet if you wish! And if you bet, you might get lucky and get some money!
③ If we are lucky we might get to see the race horses up close and take some pictures with them!

④ After all the fun we will have at the racecourse, we will then head to one of our group hotels; Hotel Continental Fuchu to enjoy the special horse racing cocktails which are offered only at Hotel Continental Fuchu!
⑤ Along with yummy cocktails, you will get to enjoy the amazing special dinner that Hotel Continental Fuchu has prepared with TRUE ORGANIC vegetables grown up in Tohoku Bokujo  東北牧場 ! As one of our past participant has told us, the dinner is going to be so “AMAZING”

All the goodies for just 1,200 yen (transportation fee not included)!!!! How can you beat this good deal!?!?
↓Here is the information about the event this time :)↓

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