Ikebukuro Fukuro Festival

Yesterday was the Ikebukuro Fukuro Festival.
This festival has been held annually since 1968 and this year a total of 18 ‘mikoshi’ (portable shrines) were carried along the parade route.  Thousands of people came to Ikebukuro to watch the festival – it was absolutely packed!

Sakura House residents, who are studying Japanese in Tokyo, also took part and helped carry the mikoshi.

People from Vietnam, Nepal, China and lots of other countries participated.
It was a really international atmosphere!

This was the first time for all of them to carry a mikoshi.
Just before the start they quickly practised how to carry the mikoshi and the words they should chant.
The mikoshi was really heavy and many people said their shoulders hurt!

After the hard work of carrying the mikoshi the participants enjoyed a well-earned drink together.
Everyone had a great time interacting with people from different countries.

Ikebukuro is a lively part of Tokyo with lots of interesting events happening throughout the year.
Why not live in Ikebukuro and enjoy all it has to offer?!

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