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If tomorrow wasn’t a promise, what would you do today.

Good evening everybody! Just a few more hours until we say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016! How was your year 2015? I bet you had a mixture of happy moments, sad moments and some moments you may have regretted.  As we approach the end of the year, I would like to ask all of you, this year,  what is that one thing  that you really wanted to do or that one thing that you really wanted to say but for some reason you just didn’t have the guts to do. My motivator asked me that, If tomorrow wasn’t a promise, what would you do for today. When I heard this, […]

Bonenkai 忘年会 !

Konnichi wa minna-san ! The closest translation to English for “Bonenkai” is probably just “year end party”, but in Japan it’s much more than that.  The characters that make up the word are 忘年会.  This literally means “forget year meet”.  So you’re meeting to forget the year.  What a strange notion, right? Ghibli Characters Bonenkai Wrong.  Think of it as a chance to chase away your past year’s demons.  Your girlfriend left you.  You missed out on that big promotion.  It doesn’t matter anymore !  With the Bonenkai, you’re literally cleansing your blood of 2015 with high concentrations of alcohol and welcoming 2016 with open arms (which may be hugging […]

Free tissue and marketing !

Konnichi wa ! These days it’s getting cold so we can get sick very easily ! So tissues are really CONVENIENT during this time of the year right ? 🙂 Have you ever seen some girls in their mini skirts (not always) giving out some pocket tissue on the street in Japan? Many of foreigh tourists find this phenomena in Japan very interesting, somewhat bizarre…   Each small packets contains advertising inserted in the package. There are all kinds of advertisement, usually for karaoke, manga coffee shops, electronics stores, schools, language or application for mobile phones… We call this activity “Tisshû Kubari” (テ ィ ッ シ ュ 配 り). Developed […]

The Sake Culture of Japan

For those of you who are currently staying in Japan or currently living abroad and have an interest in the Japanese Culture, you must be wondering what the Japanese people do during the New Year. To be honest , there are a number of activities that Japanese engage during the New Year. But among all the activities, I would like to introduce to O-toso (Spiced New Year Sake), which first originated in China. New Year in Japan or commonly known as  o-shogatsu, is the biggest national holiday and celebration. The O-toso ceremonial involves drinking of  sake that is mixed with a blend of herbs. The mixture of herbs is said to […]

Our office is open on January 1st !

Konnchi wa minna-san ! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and got a lot of presents ! In the office, the Christmas decorations are gone now but the New Year is coming very quickly. Many of you made a reservation for January so we are looking forward to welcoming you !! 😀 ** I also would like to tell you that our office is open 7 DAYS A WEEK ** ** 365 DAYS / YEAR ! ** And it will, of course, be open on January 1st !   Come to our office to say hello, to begin the new year together ! ** Happy Holidays everyone !! ** […]

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is a central spot in Tokyo. The name of the station even has the name of the area, that is to say ! It underwent renovation a few years ago where the Marunouchi side found back its past glory. Tokyo station opened in 1914 and the original domed rotundas and the third floor were destroyed by fire and explosives in a May 1945 B-29 raid. It has been repaired since them but only in a simplified fashion compared to the original architecture. Nowadays, Tokyo Station is a tourist attraction as well as a big train hub. With many lines stopping at the station and being a stop for […]

Sumo Stable Visit

Hello all! How are you enjoying your Christmas Day in Japan?? Today we wanted to let you know about an event that Sakura Hostel Asakusa is  hosting an event to visit Sumo Stable! Here is the information about the event: -December 26th (Sat) -Meeting time: : 6:50 AM -Meeting place: SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA -Fee: 3,000 yen per person including Lunch cooked by Sumo Wrestlers -Limited to 30 people *first come first served Agenda: ・6:50AM Meet at the hostel and Leave for the sumo stable in Ryogoku by train & subway. ・7:40AM Start observing the training ・10:00AM Finish the training and Question Time ・10:30AM-11:30AM Having Lunch cooked by Sumo Wrestlers Come […]

Kamon (家紋), A Crest of Family

When strolling around Japan cities, at a street corner, at the entrance of a venerable house or on the roof-tiles of temples or shrines you may notice small ringed patterns here and there in different parts of old buildings. These crests called 紋(mon) or 家紋(kamon) and are used to identify an individual or a family. While mon is a general term that can refer to any of these symbols, kamon refers specifically to emblems used to identify a family. This is the equivalent of Western coat of arms and heraldic emblems. The actual origins of mon is not clearly known. However, from the 12th century, reliable sources show the use of mon as […]

Ikebukuro Sunshine

Hello! How are you today? Have you ever been to Ikebukuro? Speaking of Ikebukuro,  most people think of Ikebukuro Sunshine City. In Ikebukuro Sunshine City, there are many shops, an aquarium, a planetarium, an amusement park” Namja Town”, a cinema complex. You can spend any amount of time there. Besides Ikebukuro Sunshine City, There are departments “Seibu”, “Tobu”, ” Tokyu Hands”etc.. in Ikebukuro. There meut be more spots to see at Ikebukuro, how about finding your Ikebukuro? There are many apartments and share houses of Sakura House in Ikebukuro area. Sakura House Ikebukuro Sunchine City Sakura House Higashi Nagasaki B Sakua House Higashi Nagasaki Teracce

[ASAKUSA] Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!(サクラホステル浅草宿泊者限定 staying guests in Sakura Hostel Asakusa only.)

Day : 2016/ Jan / 01(Fri) from PM 01:00 to PM 03:00 Fee : JPY 1,000 (Tax included) Do you know how Japanese people spend a New Year’s Day? You can experience it through this activity. “Let’s Experience New Year’s Day in JAPAN!” Date & Time: January 1st, 2016 (Fri), 13:00PM-15:00PM Meeting Place: SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA Admission: 1,000 YEN (Incl. New Year’s Special Lunch) ★Plan of the Activity★ – Tasting a special New Year’s dish called “Zoni”(a soup with rice cake) & Osechi (Assortment of Seasonal Food) – Playing the Japanese traditional games – Going visit the shrine to pray our health and peace in 2016 There will be no […]