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Minna-san konnichiwa! Today we will talk about Hina-matsuri ! Hinamatsuri 雛祭り is a festival also called Girl’s day or Doll’s day in Japan and it is celebrated each year on March, 3rd Platforms covered with a red carpet are used to display a set of ornamental dolls (雛人形 hina-ningyō?) representing the Emperor, Empress, attendants, and musicians in traditional court dress of the Heian period. The custom of displaying dolls began during the Heian period. At that time, people believed the dolls possessed the power to contain bad spirits. Hinamatsuri traces its origins to an ancient Japanese custom called hina-nagashi (“doll floating”), in which straw dolls are set afloat on a […]

Have you ever tried Organic Food in Japan?

Konnichiwa Minna-san, I hope you are doing well! Today i’m going to talk to you about Organic food in Japan 🙂 It is a nice opportunity to discover vegetables from Tohoku bokujo (farm), and to eat healthy and no chemical. Just 20 minutes from Shinjuku by train, Hotel Continental Fuchu is a perfect location for business or sightseeing. It is the only city hotel in Fuchu, western Tokyo, and it is located right in front of Fuchu Station on the Keio Line. The health inspection company SRL INC. has certified Tohoku Bokujo, owned by one of the hotel’s affiliate companies, as producing organic food. Please try these organic vegetables! 🙂 […]

Today let`s talk about the JR Pass…

Hello minna-san, how are you? Today let`s talk about the JR Pass… Many people ask me if it is convenient or not to do it. Well, it depends from the travel you are planning to do. The pass is convenient if you are planning to visit different places in Japan that are far one from each other. For example, at least if you wanna travel from Tokyo to Kyoto and come back, or do expensive excursions like Hiroshima. On the contrary, it`s not good if you are just planning to stay in Tokyo and visit surroundings. This ticket can be valid for 7, 14, or 21 days, and it allows […]

Yummy yummy : omelette pancake !

A few days ago, I’ve been to Ikebukuro for a walk ! I went to the famous entertainement and shopping center Sunshine City ! Near we have this premises : IKEBUKURO SUNSHINE CITY → In this shopping center, there is a delicious “omelette pancake” restaurant that I would like to recommend !! ^3^ It’s called BAKER’S DINER ! You can have all the informations (in Japanese, unfortunately) here : BAKER’s DINER I took the omelette pancake with red berries, banana and chocolate sauce ! It’s a little bit expensive though, set menu with a drink is around 1,000 yen, depends of the omelette pancake. BUT IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH IT ! […]

All about “Sakura”

Good morning everybody! Today let`s talk about Sakura, the national japanese tree that also gives the name to our company! You cannot imagine how many times non-japanese people asked me: “Which kind of tree is Sakura?” Well, the answer is not so easy… In japanese language, sakura is the term used to indicate the ornamental cherry blossom trees and their blossoms. But a cherry blossom could be intended as the flower of several kinds of prunus trees. The majority of the varieties that we can see all around have been cultivated for an ornamental use only, and they don`t produce any fruit. Edible cherries usually come from different species of […]

Tokyo’s coolest neighborhood : Koenji

Koenji is not one of Tokyo’s main tourist attractions, but it sure is one of the coolest neighborhoods! Koenji is located in Suginami ward, in the western part of Tokyo, and is known for its trendy and underground vibe. It could be compared to Shimokitazawa, another trendy area west of Shibuya, although the crowd is relatively older here. Koenji boasts a large number of second hand clothing stores, cafés, record and book stores, as well as restaurants serving food from all over the world. Most of the area is residential, with that delightfully old-fashioned ‘showa’ atmosphere (small noodle joints, old kissaten, snacks…), but Koenji has many bars and live venues, […]

Convenience stores in Japan “Conbini”

Konnichiwa everybody! In Japan you can find nearly every 2 minutes a convenient store, most of them are open 24h and 7/7 These shops are made to be the most convenient possible! 🙂 Japanese used to call it “conbini” . You can find food, drinks, magazines as you would in a normal store, therefore you can pay also your assurance fee, buy concert tickets, and even plane ticket (depends on the company) And if you buy food they would ask you if you want it to be microwaved, or not, if you need spoon, fork, … all made to be convenient possible 🙂 You can find also sometimes an area […]

Tokyo Marathon 2016

The Tokyo Marathon was held for the first time in 2007 and will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year on February 28th! About 37,000 runners are expected to participate in the event this year: that’s 1000 more than the previous edition. credit : Tokyo Marathon Although it is too late to join the race, you can still go and encourage the runners! The race will start at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building (in Shinjuku, near the Sakura House office!) and will end at Tokyo Big Sight, located in the Tokyo bay area, on the other side of the city. credit : Tokyo Marathon The course will go through many of […]

Hama Rikyu Gardens

Good morning minna-san, This is Simone writing, i hope you are all well! Finally spring is coming fast, and with it is also coming the time of hanami. All around Tokyo there are many beautiful spots where you can enjoy this amazing show of the nature: city parks, riversides, and other unespected places, as sakura trees are nearly everywhere. One of my favourite ones are for sure the Hama Rikyu Gardens! This large, attractive landscape garden is located in central Tokyo, but it`s not so popular among tourists as Yoyogi Koen or Shinjuku Gyoen could be. Placed alongside Tokyo Bay, Hama Rikyu features seawater ponds which change level with the […]

osoroi code or the art to dress the same as your friends

konnichiwa minna-san Whereas in a lot of Western countries we would prefer to be the only one to wear a certain piece of clothing and being in the same place as someone dressed exactly like us is not desirable, in Japan, it is a bit different. In Japan, it is not rare to see couples, family or friends dressed exactly the same, it is something that is called osoroi code in japanese (おそろいコーデ from the English coordinate). For Japanese, it is a way to show their affection to the persons they are with! source: It is something very popular with youngster and you can qnd you can sometimes see […]