Convenience stores in Japan “Conbini”

Konnichiwa everybody!

In Japan you can find nearly every 2 minutes a convenient store, most of them are open 24h and 7/7

These shops are made to be the most convenient possible! 🙂

Japanese used to call it “conbini” .

You can find food, drinks, magazines as you would in a normal store, therefore you can pay also your assurance fee, buy concert tickets, and even plane ticket (depends on the company)

And if you buy food they would ask you if you want it to be microwaved, or not, if you need spoon, fork, … all made to be convenient possible 🙂

You can find also sometimes an area to eat and hot water for your coffee or cup ramen, and smoking room sometimes.

Also in most of the convenience store you can find toilets, that sure helps a lot. 😉

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