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Doing squats to pay the for your subway train ticket?!!

Goodevening everybody ! As you may know, for those of us who live in the modern and busy world, getting some exercise done seems to be a really huge task. This could be because we don`t have time and some of us just get back home so late and all we wanna do is eat and sleep. But, I came across a unique idea that the Russians in Moscow adopted to encourage people to exercise.  During the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, subways had a special squat sensor that passengers could use to pay for their subway fare !! In order to have a free ticket, a passenger was required […]

Setouchi Triennale 2016 : contemporary art and tiny islands

The Setouchi Triennale is an art event held every three years in the Seto Inland Sea area, located between the Honshu and Shikoku islands. This year, the triennale will be held for the 3rd time since its creation, over three different sessions: spring, summer and autumn. The festival itself will take place on 12 different islands of the Seto Inland Sea, through exhibitions, performances and art installations. The most famous of these islands is probably Naoshima, which has become over the last few years one of the centers of contemporary art in Japan, thanks to its many museums. A lot of visitors come for the art, but it is also […]

Kalimba Reptile Farm/Park

Hello everybody ! Its me Chipa, the half Japanese and half Zambian staff at Sakura House. Today, I would like to share with you about a reptile farm and park called KALIMBA REPTILE FARM. First of all, let me give you a small description of what Kalimba Reptile Farm is. This is a farm home to a variety of snakes, including AFRICA`S MOST DEADLY SNAKES, crocodiles, tortoise and it is actually one of the few places in the world left where you can see the rare slender-nosed crocodile. This farm also breeds crocodiles for the crocodile skin export market. The products that a produced from the crocodile skin include bags, belts […]

300 bar NEXT event !!

Konnichiwa minna-san You are looking for something to do this weekend? Our sister company, 300 bar is organizing at event for Yayoi, the arrival of the Spring!! On March, 26th and April, 27th The 300 bar NEXT is in front of the imperial hotel and there you can get quality cocktails from 300 yen!! And even some Japanese dishes if you do not want to only drink . There you can also enjoy a nice Japanese atmosphere! So, why not checking it out this weekend ? “ 300BAR NEXT ” 〒100-0006 TOKYO CHIYODA-KU YURAKUCHO 1-2-14 MRASAKI BLDG B1 Mon – Thu 17:00 – 2:00 Fri・Sat・Day Before Holiday 17:00 – 4:00 Sun & Holiday […]

I’m a new face

Hi, this is Aoyagi. I start to working from today. Let me introduce about myself. I grew up in Spain, so I’m able to speak also in Spanish. I don’t know why but my father put me a Russian name (Maasha). If it’s difficult to pronounce, you can call me Maria. I was admiring Japan because all my hobbies are related to Japan (J-POP, manga, anime, video games, etc). So now, I’m happy to find a new work in Japan and also in this place that  I can meet a lot of people from foreign country! I’m newbie but I’ll do the best  you can feel comfortable in Japan. Any […]

Substitution holiday in Japan

Konnichiwa minna-san Sunday was the first day of Spring and for some reason that I have yet to discover, Spring Equinox is a holiday in Japan! However it was a Sunday, which mean most people were already on holday at that time. Japan might not be the only country to do so, but when the holiday falls on a Sunday, the next day will be a holiday as a substitution. So, people can actually enjoy having a day off of school or work. So, this week, Monday was actually a holiday ! And you, do your country has substitute holiday or if the holiday falls on a Sunday, are you […]

Cheap izakaya in Tokyo : how to eat and drink on a budget

Izakaya are absolutely everywhere in Japan, and especially in Tokyo, but it’s not always easy to find a cheap place where you can drink and eat without spending a fortune. Sakura House has chosen for you some of the best and cheapest izakaya in town that will make both your stomach and your wallet happy! Torikizoku Torikizoku (or Toriki) is an izakaya chain from Osaka, known for its delicious yakitori. Everything on the menu is 280 yen (tax not included), which is pretty great. Try the “tsukune cheese yaki”, chicken meatballs on skewers covered in cheese… They’re amazing! Toriki has a fairly young clientele, mostly students and young adults, and […]

Have you ever been to an Earthquake simulator?

Konnichiwa Minna-san! Today i will talk about how to get prepared to a disaster! Have you ever been to a Earthquake simulator? In the Ikebukuro Life Saftey Learning Center “Bosaikan” , they instruct how to survive and escape safely from Disasters. In a country where earthquakes are happening often, it is very important to know how to escape or survive. They have training from 9am to 5pm, which takes about 1hour 40 minutes. With a japanese guide ,for non japanese speaker no problem they explain everything clearly in a paper, and the friendly guide usually use understandable english 🙂 . It consist on 4 stages: – Short film about the […]

Going to the doctor in Japan

Konnichiwa minna-san Your staff is testing various thing for you and recently they even tried going to the doctor in Japan!   So, in Tokyo, when you go to the doctor, you usually go to the clinic or the hospital. To me, it sounds dramatic and like some place you should go to only if you have something very bad, but here, it is normal!! So first, they ask you to fill out a form with your symptoms and then you wait until they call you and ask you to go to a specific consultation room. There, the doctor will ask you once again to explain your symptoms and a […]

Sweet sakura Beer while enjoying the cherry blossoms!

Our little sister, Sakura Hotel Jimbocho has various food and beverage from all over the world! They also have events like Cherry blossom viewing event in Sakura Hotel Jimbocho We will host cherry blossom viewing party at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho. Enjoying eating and drinking with family and friends under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms is our seasonal custom in Japan. This time we will visit to the Imperial Palace by walk.(about 10 mins) We also make a rice ball with tempura together before heading off and bring it to enjoy picnic! Please come to experience beautiful Japanese spring! *Please dress casual clothes such as jeans and sneakers, and don’t forget […]