Sweet sakura Beer while enjoying the cherry blossoms!

Our little sister, Sakura Hotel Jimbocho has various food and beverage from all over the world!
They also have events like Cherry blossom viewing event in Sakura Hotel Jimbocho

We will host cherry blossom viewing party at Sakura Hotel Jimbocho.

Enjoying eating and drinking with family and friends
under the fully bloomed cherry blossoms is our seasonal custom in Japan.

This time we will visit to the Imperial Palace by walk.(about 10 mins)
We also make a rice ball with tempura together before heading off
and bring it to enjoy picnic!

Please come to experience beautiful Japanese spring!

*Please dress casual clothes such as jeans and sneakers,
and don’t forget your camera on the day!

DATE: Mar. 26TH (Sat)
TIME : 12:00 pm
MEETING PLACE : Sakura Cafe Jimbocho
FEE : 1,000 yen
AVAILABILITY : 20 people

To apply the event,
please send us following info to the address below.

[email protected]

②Phone Number (If you have)
③hotel/premises name and room number
(for SAKURA HOTEL of HOUSE guests)

If you have any question please feel free to ask!!!
Or call Sakura hotel Jimbocho 03-3261-3939

Book now to join this fun event!!

Why don’t you try this sakura beer at sakura cafe jimbocho? 🙂 or if you dont drink alcohol they have sweet dessert and tea .

You have to try their sweet beers! 🙂
If you have free time , come to Sakura Hotel Jimbocho events!

Enjoy the Cherry Blossoms and make friends 🙂

A good way to meet japanese and foreign people: you would be able to speak english japanese and why not also your native language !

Every week they have also various international food !

Have a look:


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