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Have you ever been to Nikko?

Konnichiwa minna-san! Have you ever been to Nikko? Famous for its natural scenery, and japanese shrines ! Before going to the shrines, you will see the Shinkyou bridge (Sacred bridge at the entrance to Nikko’s shrines.) It is just about few hours from Tokyo in the Tochigi Prefecture with the Tohoku Shinkansen which would cost about only 5,600yen if you want to take the Shinkansen or you can chose also to take the local train until Utsunomiya station with local train it will cost JR 3,000yen . You can enjoy the beautiful view of the japanese rice fields and mountains on the back 🙂 In the town you will be […]

History of the TAZARA Railway ( Zambia and China )

Hello everybody. My name is Chipa Mwenya, Sales and Resident Relations Staff at Sakura House. As some of you may know I am half Zambian and half Japanese. In my previous blog, I talked about how Zambia and Japan first developed a relationship thanks to the 1964 Olympics that was held in Japan. Now let me inform you how Zambia changed after the independence thanks to the People`s Republic of China. Some of may not know this that Zambian is a landlocked country, meaning that it is not located near the sea. This was a problem because if we do not have access to the see, we cannot bring in […]

Tiny houses

Konnichiwa minna-san, May you already heard about term tiny house. As their name indicates it, tiny houses are very small houses where things are organized the better as possible and furnished to be as comfortable as possible. In a country like Japan where 80 million people live on 3% of the territory, and buildings can only get tall to a certain point, tiny houses might be a good solution to counter a space problem!

Zambia`s historical moment at the 1964 Olympics in Japan

Hello everybody. My name is Chipa Mwenya, Sales and Resident Relations Staff at Sakura House. As you may know that I am half Zambian and half Japanese. Today, I would like to share with you a history side of Zambia and how the relation between and Japan began to develop. For those of you who may not know, Zambia gained its independence from the British Colonial Rule on the 24th of October. The 1964 Olympics hosted in Japan ran from October 10th to 24th, 1964. At the opening ceremony of the Olympics, the 12 men and 1 female Zambian Athletes entered the stadium, with the Northern Rhodesia flag. However, on 24th […]

How about Watching Sumo together? *only for Sakura House/ Hotel residents*

Sakura House and Hotel is holding the Sumo Tour again! 🙂 Fee: JPY 4,000 / person (Snacks, Drink, SUMO lecture and Ticket Included) Date & Time: May 10th(tue) & May 18th(wed) 12:20PM~6:00PM Meeting Point: Sakura Hostel Asakusa’s lobby ◆Schedule◆ 12:20PM Meeting at Sakura Hostel Asakusa Lecture about the points to watch SUMO by KYOKO, the #1 fan of SUMO of Sakura Hotel & Hostel(30min) *Drinks and snacks will be served. 1:10PM  Leaving for Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium (The transportation fare 350 yen is required extra.) 2:00PM Arriving at Ryogoku Kokugikan Stadium and Starting Watching Matches 6:00PM Matches Finish and Breakup at the stadium * It isn’t possible to join only watching Sumo Match. Even if the participants want to watch only the match, we’ll require them to pay JPY 4,000. And basically the meeting place is only at Sakura Hostel Asakusa. * The first 20 people who applied can join. (Only the first 10 people from Sakura House.) * Sumo Guide Pamphlets in English is included. * This event is exclusively for Sakura House residents or Sakura Hotel & Hostel’s guests. To see the photos of the last time, click here! Here is the instruction how to proceed the application. Please read the following well. 【1】Application(via Email / at the front desk) ① At the front desk:Please ask necessary infomation about a guest and collect the fee on site.→ Go to【3】 ② Via E-mail:Please forward the email to Sakura Hostel Asakusa info[at] . We’ll introduce the guest the payment method. → Go to【2】 ★ At this moment, the application is tentative. Necessary information for applying : [1]Name、 [2]Name of Sakura House / Hotel and Check-in Date for Hotel customers、 [3]The date of the tour (May 10th or May 18th) [4]E-mail address [5]Phone number(If you have any in Japan) ↓ 【2】Payment(Only CASH) ★ Guest will need to pay within 3 days after the application as a rule. In case we don’t receive the payment within 3 days, the application will be cancelled directly. <Where to Pay> […]

Bunkyo Tsutsuji Festival

Konnichiwa Mina-san! My name is ken, a new staff at SAKURA-HOUSE! Today I would like to share an event  — Bunkyo Tsutsuji Festival. Probably you guys all know the famous Sakura, but Tsutsuji is another kind of flower that blossoms in the spring. The festival is taking place at Nezu shrine. which is 5-minute walk from Nezu and Sendagi stations of Chiyoda line. It is located near Hongo campus of the University of Tokyo. You just have to pay 200 yen to enjoy the beautiful collections of Tsutsuji. Actually, you don’t really have to pay … you can see Tsutsuji blossoms from outside of the garden! The festival ends on 5/5. Before […]

Golden week 2016 : International festivals in Tokyo

May is one of the nicest months in Tokyo. The weather is great, parks look amazing, and there are fewer tourists than during the Sakura season. May is also the month of the Golden Week, which is formed by a series of national holidays. Many Tokyoites make the most of this week by leaving town and going abroad, but those who stay shouldn’t feel frustrated, for there is a lot to do in Tokyo : a myriad of events and festivals will be held in May, especially during the Golden Week. There is no specific theme but international events seem to be the most popular. If you are staying in […]

Victoria Falls Devil`s Pool !

Hello everybody. My name is Chipa Mwenya ( Half Zambian and Half Japanese ), Sales and Resident Resident Relations Staff. Have you ever heard of the Devil`s Pool? I can imaging the first thing that comes to your mind is one swimming with devil right ? Well, that is not entirely true haha! I would like to share one of the famous spots in my country, Zambia, called the Victoria Falls Devil Pool! Before, explaining what kind of place it is, left me give you an idea of how it looks like through the picture below!   Don`t worry that is not a guy hovering above the water haha! There […]

The shopping experience in Japan

Konnichiwa minna-san Different countries mean differences in many areas. Even something as trivial as shopping. I am someone who enjoys shopping alone, listening to music, not talking to anyone, and basically not getting disturbed. While, in my country, I can just send away the undesirable salesperson with a “I’m just looking around, thank you”, this is not really something that works in Japan. The salesperson in Japanese will come to you once you show a bit more interest  in a specific product, they will come to you and explain how to use the product, say the clothes looks really cute and also compliment you! Also, trying out clothes is bit […]

Have you ever heard about Waiter’s Race in Japan?

Konnichiwa Minna-san, Today i’m gonna talk to you about a cool event that happened in Osaka! You all heard about normal races, but here it is about Waiter’s Race! The event was hold in Osaka , waiters and waitresses raced each other while carrying a drink tray with a liquor bottle and glasses. The first who finish the line without spilling the drinks or dropping the glasses wins! It looks so fun to watch! The event was hold at the Umekita Festival 2016, until April 3rd.   Have you ever been there?