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★Samurai Sword Dance Workshop★

Samurai Sword Dance Workshop @ ASAKUSA   A special free show and workshop for Sakura House residents and Hotel guests. Ryuou ARAI, a Japanese traditional sword dancer will show you a “Japanesque” performance accompanied by poetry and beautiful moves of a Japanese sword and fans. Join us to encounter the beauty of the samurai swords! [Event Date & Time] June 8th, 2016 (Wed) From 7:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M. [Fee] Free [Place] : Sakura Hostel Asakusa’s lobby [Map] No reservation required.

Why is taking off your shoes in Japan so IMPORTANT?!!

Hello everybody! It is me, Chipa Mwenya, half Zambian and half Japanese Staff at Sakura House. We had this important discussion with my other staff regarding the importance of why  taking your shoes off before enter a room in Japan and the story about it. One of our duties is to educate the foreign guests that when they come to Japan for the first time to Japan,  there is a story to why taking off your shoes is important. Let me break the story down for you. First of all, one should understand that in Japan, it is considered an honor to be invited to someone’s home in Japan. Japanese […]

New Bus Terminal at Shinjuku バスタ!!!

Hello, Everyone! How are you? Ogenki desuka? Naoko desu. New bus terminal was open on 4th April at Shinjuku South Exit!! This is a quite big terminal and inside a lot of counters as well as information center so that you can just go to the counters and ask! (it’s kind of complicated so many buses going to so many destinations…) The bus stops were spleded around Shinjuku station before so now it’s much more convinient. Enjoy your travell in Japan from this terminal!! For more informaition

Kaminari-mon at Asakusa full of people!!!!

Hello Everyone! I’m Naoko, How are you doing, Ogenki desuka? I went to Asakusa last week and i haven’t been there for quite long time. Look at this photo↓ So many people! that was on Suturday but much more than i expected. Also so many Rikshaw!!! Rickshaw will bring you different view of Asakusa Town from the view of walking, it must be fun!! And also there are many shops aournd there area selling nice Japanese foods and souveniors. Let’s visit Asakusa on your next holidays!! There are Asakusa Hostel and also Sakura House in Asakusa area please don’t hestitate to contact us for the further information.

Discover KABUKI

-KABUKI Performance. Experience the live performance of Kabuki- In this program,Kabuki,one of the Japanese traditional performing arts, is performed along with a commentary. PartⅠ: “How to Appreciate KABUKI ” PartⅡ: Experience the live performance of Kabuki “Shinsarayashiki Tsuki no Amagasa -Sakanaya Sogoro- ” *Audio guide rental service is included in the ticket price of this program. Available languages are Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese. Place: National Theatre (Large Theatre) Date: 17th/June(Fri) Time: 19:00 Fee:Tickets 3.200 yen To reserve seat,Please pay 3,200 yen at any Sakura Hotel(Asakusa,Ikebukuro,Jimbocho or Hatagaya.)in advance. Meeting point: chose one below Sakura hotel Ikebukuro 17:30 Sakura hostel Asakusa 17:20 Sakura hotel Hatagaya 17:45 Sakura hotel Jimbocho 17:50 National […]

Potluck Party!! Bring Japanese Food

Have you ever been invited to a Japanese potluck party? You might wonder what to bring… Few weeks ago, I went to a potluck party with about 25 adult/25 kids. Fried chicken,,pasta,,,? Many food was in my mind. But what I ended up cooking were,,,, CHIRASHI ZUSHI and FRIED NOODLE:) Chirashi zushi is with many kinds of seafood, vegetable and fried egg etc on sushi rice. Everyone liked it!!!!!!! We brought own drinks and only 1000 yen fee for the party. It was very reasonable and fun!! We sometimes have potluck party organized by Sakura House. International potluck party,,,, SOUNDS GREAT!!! 🙂 /////

The secret of the Japanese 10 yen coin

Hello everybody, It`s me again, Chipa Mwenya, half Zambian and half Japanese Sales/Resident Relations Staff at Sakura House. For those of you who are in Japan and familiar with the Japanese 10 yen coin, have you ever wondered what kind of metal it is made of and where the metal came from? You may not believe this but first of all, the Japanese 10 yen coin is made of 95 % copper and the remaining 5% is a mixture of tin and zinc. The copper that is used comes from my country, ZAMBIA!! So basically each and every person living in Japan has a part of Zambia with them! Thank […]

BBQ Time!!!

Good morning minna-san, how are you? Today is another great day: the temperature is so good, and the sun is high in the sky. If we exclude June maybe (for all those who are residing in Japan since few time, that is the rainy season!), we are going to face several months of warm and sunny days. In Japan, this means one thing: BARBECUE!! In a city park or in a beer garden, along a river or on a rooftop of a building, and also near the sea. Fully equipped places, and others for the experts. It doesn`t matter where you live or which are your cooking skills, for sure […]

Tea time after cleaning at Muslim House!!

Hello, My name is Naoko. I’m a new Sakura House staff and glad to meet you here in our blog. I went to one of our buildings Muslim House at Yoyogi Uehara last week and we had a cleaning event with the residents. After we finish cleaning, we had a chat with having some snacks and one of the residents gave us dates and arabian coffee. The dates look very very sweet but i tasted  and found them are  just nice! especially with spicy arabian coffee which make it even nicer! It’s interesting to know the different kinds of tea&coffee and sweets. Sakura House has some Muslim friendly share houses if you are […]

Not only sakura!

Hello minna-san, how are you? As you know, sakura`s time is already finished since a while. But, if you still wanna enjoy flowers`full blooming in some wonderful natural scenarios, there are still many chances to do it! Really a few tourists (and even residents!) as a fact, know that for the whole may the Spring Rose Festival is in progress in Tokyo, on a beautiful park quite near to Komagome Station. Considered as a national place of scenic beauty, the Kyu Furukawa Gardens is a really rare spot, that manteins the original style of the early Taisho period`s gardens. They are also known for the beauty of their rose flowers, […]