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Free wi-fi spots

Hello Minna-san, how are you? Did you know that there are several free internet wi-fi spots available in many convenience stores around Tokyo? In fact, Seven Eleven Convenience Stores provide a free wi-fi access called “7 spot”. Log-in is extremely easy: you just need to register your account from the home page, and you will have a full access to the internet, totally free of charge! Maybe for residents this is not a great news, but for sure it could be helpful for tourists and “newbies”…

Sakura House Otaku Omori!!

Hello,everyone! Naoko desu! Today i’d like to introduce Sakura House Omori. The best reason to stay this Omori is that location very close to the station it is not close just above the stataion so it takes less than 1minute! near the station, taiyaki ya san,,, karaage ya deep fried chiken… Takoyaki, bread shops and supermarket are all around the stataion. It takes about 10-15minutes to Shinagawa and Tokyo station, it’ really in a good location! please chek our website for more information↓


Hello minna-san, have you ever seen this around your place? It’s not a large TV, and neither an oversized box.. It’s the ACURE vending machine! Japan is known for its various kinds of vending machines, but this one is really special: in fact it seems that there is a true “artificial intelligence” behind this vending machine with 47-inch touch screen and a front camera! The smart camera can recognize the individuals height, sex, approx age, and than blinks the most recommended drink in stock (!) (Personally… When I stood in front of it, it recommended me an energy drink: probably i looked very tired!) If you are around Shinjuku, and […]

My other home town in Hokkaido ( Onuma Koen )

Hello Everybody ! It`s me Chipa Mwenya ( half Zambian and half Japanese at Sakura House ) Most of you may know by know some facts about Zambia but have I ever talked to you about my other half ? My Japanese half side? Today I would like to share with you my other home town in Onuma Koen, located in Hokkaido ! This is the town that my mother ( who is Japanese ) was born and raised! First of all let me show you the located of Onuma Koen.   As you can see, Onuma Koen is located to a really huge lake called ( Lake Onuma ). […]

Enjoy Ginza @ 300BAR!

Hello minna-san, how are you? Also this weekend is going to an end, sadly from tomorrow we all will be back to our occupations… But at least we had great times with friends, no? About me, i went with my italian friends to one of the 300 BARS in GINZA! Have you ever heard of them? Trust me: it is quite surprising to discover that in the chich Ginza there are some cool places where you can find great drinks and organic food at a really reasonable price. All drinks and food in fact, cost only 300 yen (+tax), with no cover charge! There are three of them, in different […]

Let’s Join Awaodori (Awa-Dance) at 51th Nakameguro Summer Festival

Good evening everyone! Summer is around the corner! And this year, Sakura House will join the AWAODORI at NAKAMEGURO SUMMER FESTIVAL!! Sakura House has been participating this annual summer event at Nakameguro for a quit long time:) And I think this event represents what Sakura House events differ from other ordinary events that we actually join the local festivals and take a part of it but not as audiences. It is a very rare chance for you to join one of the famous Tokyo summer festivals while you are in Japan! All the participants are required to join the practices but it is very fun! Of course you might want […]

Any Plan for Summer Vacation?

Summer vacation season starts around next month. If you will come to Tokyo with family or friends, we have a vacation rental room for very reasonable price!! The cost is per room, not per person. So it is much cheaper than hotels. Please check it out!! We are thinking where to go for our summer vacation. I want to go somewhere I have never visited before. My husband wants to go Osaka. But I’ve visited Osaka so many times, so,,,, his plan is REJECTED! Now we are thinking of visiting ISE. It was a place for G7 Summit this year. ISE used to be a place where Japanese people wanted […]

Yukata Dressing Experience & Temaki Sushi Lunch in SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA

Hi everyone! This is Shino from the Resident Relations team. On July 16th, Saturday, we have an event very interesitng at SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA. Have you ever tried Yutaka dressing? Have you ever made Temaki Sushi by yourself? If not, don’t miss this opportunity!!! ******************************************************************************* ☆Schedule☆ 9:20 Meeting @ SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA 9:45-10:30 Introduction of Yukata Dressing in Yukata Photo Session near the temple area 11:00-11:30 Let’s Do Bon Dance together! 11:30 Break-up and Going back to Sakura Hostel 12:00-13:00  Temaki Sushi Lunch @ SAKURA HOSTEL ASAKUSA ******************************************************************************* The fee is only 500 yen. Please bring the following: -Tshirt (No print, white color is recommendable) -Shorts -Flip-flops or Geta (if you have) **************************************************************************** […]

Best Places to live in Tokyo!!

Hi everybody ! Chipa Mwenya here! I wanna share some cool and best place that you can live in Tokyo! As some of you may know that, Sakura House has 120 premises ( buildings ) all over Tokyo! However, for those of you who are visiting Japan for the first time and for those of you who still do not know Japan that well, let us help find a wonderful location for you! Did you know that most of the Sakura House premises are located in the local neighborhood so that we can give the exclusive and rare opportunity for Sakura House residents to take part in the local events […]

Strange but Cool facts about Japan that no one has really told you.

Hello everybody !   This is Chipa Mwenya ( Half Japanese and Half Zambian ). I have been living in Japan for over 7 years now and I have to know some strange but interesting facts about Japan. These strange but interesting facts may not be food in guide books or any reading material. Let me share with you the strange and interesting facts I have discovered in Japan. This facts could be just myths too. Fact number 1 Did you know that in Japan, most girls that wear their back packs,  purposely lower it down to the waist area to avoid being groped in public areas or crowded areas […]