Best Places to live in Tokyo!!

Hi everybody !

Chipa Mwenya here! I wanna share some cool and best place that you can live in Tokyo!

As some of you may know that, Sakura House has 120 premises ( buildings ) all over Tokyo! However, for those of you who are visiting Japan for the first time and for those of you who still do not know Japan that well, let us help find a wonderful location for you! Did you know that most of the Sakura House premises are located in the local neighborhood so that we can give the exclusive and rare opportunity for Sakura House residents to take part in the local events ( such as awadori )!

Here are the best and classy  places to live in Tokyo according to the 2016 Tokyo survey!

Name of location 1 : EBISU

Location : Located on the JR Yamanote Line. 9 mins from Shinjuku, 2 mins from Shibuya and 6 mins to Roppongi ( using the Hibya Line )

Name of Sakura House building in this area :  SHIBUYA EBISU APARTMENT

The headquarters of many international companies and embassies are also located in Ebisu, which also makes the Ebisu neighborhood popular among ex-pats! The main reason for its popularity as a both a residential and leisure hub is Yebisu Garden Place. Yebisu Garden Place is one of Tokyo’s most pleasant dining, shopping, residential and working mini-cities since it opened in 1994.


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Using other agencies to rent out an apartment here is really expensive but with Sakura House, we make it simple for you and avoid all the hustles ! This is all you need,

** 20,000 yen deposit ( on your check out day, we will use 10,000 yen for the general maintenance fee and refund you the remaining 10,000 yen in cash at your room ! )

** All the utilities ( gas, water and electricity is included ) and free wifi!!!

** Since Sakura House offers a personalized service, we get to meet each other from time to time, get to know you more and share stories with you! If you cannot understand Japanese, do not worry we have multi-lingual staff !

Christmas is just a few months away and I highly recommend this place! If you would like to check out more details of this wonderful apartment, click the link below.


Name of location 2 : KICHIJOJI

Location : JR Chuo / Sobu & Keio Inokashira Line. From Shinjuku, it would take around 20 mins, direct train. From Shibuya, it would take around 22 mins, direct line and to Roppongi it would take 34 mins.

Name of Sakura House building in this area : KICHIJOJI Musashino-shi Tokyo – Sakura House



Kichijoji is ideally situated close enough to the central wards to be convenient, yet far enough away to have a far more relaxed atmosphere. It has a vibrant and diverse commercial district, is surrounded by peaceful residential areas and is home to the famed Inokashira Park. The north side of the station is centred on two arterial shopping streets, The Sunroad heading north east and Nakamichi, heading north west. Closer to the station there are branded chains and department stores, but a few blocks in, and the boutiques, coffee houses, restaurants, patisseries, art galleries, bars and live houses take over. It is this diversity and selection of all things fashionable, edible and audible that calls to people across Tokyo.


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The premises we have here ( KICHIJOJI Musashino-shi Tokyo – Sakura House ) is a Share House. With a Share House, you will have your own private room but you will have to share the other common areas such as the kitchen, showers and toilets. From my personal experience, living in a Share House is really excited because you get to live with other people and you never feel alone!

Compared to an apartment, the Deposit still remains the same ( 20,000 yen ) but the general maintenance fee is only 5,000 yen ! Meaning that you receive 15,000 yen as your Deposit Refund!

Ofcourse, the utilities are included, free wifi and fully furnished!

If you would like to know more information about this premises, please click the link below.


Name of location 3 : MOTOSUMIYOSHI

Location : Located on the Tokyu Toyoko line. Around 30 mins to Shinjku. 21 mins to Shibuya and a direct line. Plus only 17 mins to the famous YOKOHAMA!

This is what I wanna talk about. The fact the living at premises ( MOTOSUMIYOSHI ), will give you such a wonderful and easy access to YOKOHAMA!


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Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city with a population of over three million. It was one of the first cities open to western trade during the Meiji era and remains popular among expats who want to escape the higher density living of Tokyo. Many of its districts are built on a well-planned grid system with pedestrian-friendly streets, perfect for walks and enjoying the view of the ocean and spacious parks!

The Premises located in Motosumiyoshi is a Share House too, which has great access to Keio University’s Hiyoshi Campus, Shibuya, and Shinjuku, is known for attracting friendly people from all over.  Sometimes, the landlord throws dinner parties, and loves meeting new residents.



If you would like to know more information about this quite and peaceful neighborhood, please click the link below.


Thinking of making a reservation? Do not hesitate. Wanna know more information about reserving a room, please check out our home page by clicking the link below!


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