Let’s Join Awaodori (Awa-Dance) at 51th Nakameguro Summer Festival

Good evening everyone!

Summer is around the corner!

And this year, Sakura House will join the AWAODORI at NAKAMEGURO SUMMER FESTIVAL!!

Sakura House has been participating this annual summer event at Nakameguro for a quit long time:)
And I think this event represents what Sakura House events differ from other ordinary events that we actually join the local festivals and take a part of it but not as audiences. It is a very rare chance for you to join one of the famous Tokyo summer festivals while you are in Japan!

All the participants are required to join the practices but it is very fun!
Of course you might want to be a friend with other residents and local people in Nakameguro.
Please see the practice schedule below;)
On August 6th, 2016, we will basically join one of the local Awaodori groups and walk and march around the town.
At every stops, kind and friendly local people share you drinks and some snacks, and you will have a lot of chances to make a good friend;) In fact, some of our residents come to Tokyo every year to participate this event and to see their friends!

If you are currently a resident in Sakura House or reserved a room in Sakura House for this summer, you are all invited!
let’s dance Awaodori with us and share a unique and special moments!
If you have any questions, please contact us! info@sakura-house.com

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