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And when summer comes… It`s kakigori time!

Hello minna-san, how are you? Today it`s been another quite hot and humid day in Tokyo. I don`t know about other asians, but for we “western” people, it`s extremely hard to get used to the humidity rates of Japan. Personally talking, one of the few things that can help me to cool off a bit, is for sure a Kakigori! Do you know it? In english, it’s supposed to be said as Snow Cone or Shaved Ice, and it`s a very popular dessert in Japan during the summertime. It`s usually served with syrup toppings like melon, strawberry, cream soda, matcha and red beans… Believe me my friends: if you still […]

Enjoy Tsukiji Market!

Hello minna-san. Today i wanna talk to you about an extremely famous place in our city: the Tsukiji Fish Market. I bet that all of you heard of it at least one time, but i am not sure that everybody knows how to enjoy it at its best! The largest and busiest fish market in the world is since a long time a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world. But before risking to wake up at dawn for nothing, you should first check its website to see if public access is permitted on that day. If so, it will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, and limited […]


Good Evening everyone! It has been long time since i wrote English blog last time. It is Tsuyu (梅雨) season now so it rains, but it is pretty hot out side especially the day time. I am always thinking about how to get refresh from this warm humidity feeling these days. So, I went to SUNSHINE CITY Aquarium the other day.   It was quite impressive that I couldn’t feel I was actually in the center of Tokyo. Any kinds of fishes from tropical regions to river fishes. And some of the fishes were very beautiful. And my favorite one among these fishes is Jelly Fish! The picture makes you […]

About Japanese addresses…

Yes minna-san, you read that right: many streets in Japan don’t have names. So how do the Japanese locate certain areas if their streets are nameless? Well, they use a peculiar kind of addressing system that uses block numbers instead of street names. Blocks in Japan are given unique numbers, and these numbers serve as the address. The spaces between these blocks, the streets, are left unnamed. So typically, people in Japan say, “I live in Block 2” or “I work in Block 13” instead of saying “My house is at Smith Ave.” Many people from Western countries might find this addressing system quite inefficient and confusing but actually it’s […]

Easier than I though, Thai cooking!

I was talking to a resident from Thai. After talking, I felt like cooking Thai food. It looks bit difficult to make. But as a challenge, I decided to make spring rolls and Pad Tai. I went KALDI and bought kit. It was bit hard to wrap by the rice paper. Pad tai. It was successful!!! Maybe next time, different country’s cuisine 🙂   .

Zambian food and coffee event at Fuchu Continental Hotel

How are you all doing?! Most of you may know by now that I am from Zambia. Sakura House is going to hold a Zambian food and coffee event at our Continental Hotel in Fuchu! Some of you may be wondering where Fuchu is so let me break it down for you.     Probably most of you are hearing this place for the first time. Let me share some cool facts about the area! ** Tokyo Horse Racetrack, is found here !   Sometimes we have a special event where we invite our residents from SAKURA HOUSE and have the rare chance to seat at the owner`s section and watch […]

Sakura House Kinshicho B&C

Hello,Everyone! Naoko desu. It’s geting hot and hot,how are you doing? Today please let me introduce our Sakura House Kinshi-cho! There are Kinshi-cho B&C two types of premises Apartment and Sharehouse Both of them are close to Kinshi-cho station! Kinshi-cho B Share house↓ Kinshi-cho C Aparment & Sharehouse↓ from station to the house there is a cheap Chinese restaurant… a few vegetable stores!! Shopping center and cafe are also near the station It’s very convenient for living(^^) Please feel free to contact with us if you’re intereted in these our premises.

How to register your bike in Japan

Good evening minna-san, Recently, maybe because the hot season came, i noticed that many of our residents asked me some info about how to register their bicycles. That`s why i decided to talk about this argument today! Let`s check the different situations: – Buy a new bike in a store. When you purchase a new bicycle in a bike store, the salesperson will offer you to register it for an additional fee of 500 yen. You will be asked to fill out a form with some details, including your name, mobile and address, plus some details about the bicycle. Finally you will have to present a valid ID. Once done […]

Bar or What??

My colleague recommended me to go a place for lunch. About 5 mins walk from Sakura House Office. When I entered,,,, I felt like I was in a bar. But actually, NOODLE SHOP!! called Mochi Mochi no KI The soup is based of Fish, Bonito. The owner be particular about the HOT noodle. So until you finish eating all the noodle, the soup is still hot with unique method of making. So be careful when you eat the noodle:) The taste is great. Feel funny to eat noodle in a bar atmosphere!!! .