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A mountain shaped like a table ?!!

Hello everybody! This is Chipa Mwenya, half Japanese and half Zambian staff at Sakura House. Today, I would like talk about an interesting mountain located in South Africa! Before I give an explain about the unique mountain , do you have an idea where South Africa is located? Some people apparently confuse the shape of Africa to South America. Here is the location of South Africa on the map. Zambia ( my country ) and South have a lot in common, the main one being that we were both under the British Colony, therefore we have some customs that were adopted from Britain and are still being practiced today! There […]

Sakura Hostel Asakusa

Hello Everyone!! How are you? Naoko desu. Today please let me introduce our Sakura Hostel Asakusa. There are many friendly staff in the front!! The location is closed to Sensoji Kaminari-mon the most famouse Asakusa sight spot so very convinient and good atmosphere! They are always holding interesting events for hotel and sakura house guests! If you’d like to stay Asakusa area please stay with us!!! For more information:

Green School Project in Zambia!

Hello everybody It is me Chipa Mwenya, half Japanese and half Zambian Staff at Sakura House . Some of you may not know this but my major was Architecture back in University. The reason why I decided to join a Real Estate Agency such as Sakura House , is because not only did I just want to learn how to design buildings but to also learn how to manage property and learn how to manage people/ interact with people. I feel having an Architecture base knowledge has proved to be really in the Real Estate field. Today, I would like to let everyone know what kind of building I designed […]


New accommodation Sakura House Ojima2 will be open very soon, 17th June. Very close to Ojima2, there are a famous shopping street. So many people!! People buy grilled chicken, fried mashed potato, meat bun etc and eat on the street. It was lunch time, I entered AKASHI style Tacoyaki shop. I bought tickets for fried noodle and Salty Tacoyaki, recommended by the staff. reasonable, 300 yen each. It was so yummy,,,, BUT beep beep beep!! CAUTION!!! Tacoyaki was extremely HOT!!! If you eat Tacoyaki for the first time, even if it doesn’t look hot, it is better not to throw into your mouth. It was hottest Japanese food I’ve ever […]

Sumo at Ryogoku!!!!

Hello,Everyone! How are you ? Naoko desu. Have you been to Ryogoku to watch Sumo ? I used to watch it only on TV but to watch Sumo games live is much much more exciting!! Near the venue you may have a chance to see wreslers, Yes! They are big! You can enjyo your Sake and Yakitori during watching games but don’t drink too much!(^^) Even you don’t know the rules very well, No problems! it doese worth to watch Live and you will enjoy special time!! For your information, Sumo games are held in Ryogoku only Jan,May and Sep every year. so don’t miss chance!! For more information↓