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A trip to Yokohama`s Chinatown

Hello minna-san, how are you today? Summer is on its best now, and it`s very pleasant to walk around after the rainy season.. Today i wanna suggest you this very particular spot.. In Yokohama’s Chinatown, if weather cooperates, you will find lots and lots of people, as it`s one of the most popular places among tourists, and residents as well. Not too far from the beautiful Yamashita Park, and very near to Motomachi-Chukagai station on the Minato Mirai Line, you will easily find a tall and colorful gate; as you stand under it, you realize that you have really made it. You know you are in Chinatown! Yokohama`s Chinatown has […]

Taiwan Festa 2016 in Yoyogi Park

Today the Taiwan Festa is finally made  its big debut in Yoyogi Park. It’s an all encompassing festival with focus on “tourism, industry, entertainment, culture, and gastronomy”. Tomorrow is the last day for this event and evening market. If you are interested in Taiwan culture and food, please do not miss this good opportunity to be the gastronomy portion and enjoy the Taiwanese night market. which will show you the excellent way to obtain a warm Tokyo summertime evening. May be you could even meet the superstar of the event in the Park. Dates: 30th Jul-31st Jul,2016 Start/End Time: 11:00am-9:00pm Entry: Free Closest station: Harajuku Station/Meijijingumae Station         […]

Summer Night at Mt.Takao

Hello everyone! This is Shino from the Resident Relations team. Have you every been to Mt. Takao?? Mt.Takao is one of the nearest natural recreation areas to central Tokyo. You can enjoy beautiful scenery. There are several hiking trails and if you don’t want to walk so much, they also have a cable car and chair lift. The mountain is located within metropolitan Tokyo and it takes only 1 hour from Shinjuku station by Keio line. It’s very nice to visit there in the day time but you can also enjoy at night during summer season. When you go up to the middle of the mountain by cable car, there […]

Trip to Hakone

Hello minna-san, how are you? If the answer is not “well thanks!”, so maybe a trip to Hakone will have huge benefits to you 😉 As a fact, Hakone area is famous mainly for its numerous onsen or hot springs. Or better, i would like to say that, for those of us living in and around Tokyo, Hakone is probably the most popular onsen spot. It could may not be as spectacular as Nasu or Nikko, but Hakone is full of charm, and there you will be able to find fancy hotels or ryokan, as well as reasonable accommodations.

Japanese school bag : RANDOSERU

I cannot say 100% of elementary school kids have the RANDOSERU but I can say most of elementary school kids have the lethar bag, RANDOSERU. I’m wondering why RANDOSERU? Can’t they just use normal book bag??? I searched and found some reasons. -Very strong, so it doesn’t break for all elementary school years, 6 years -It supports children when they fall down, it becomes like a cushion. -Text books won’t be bended But I still think,,,,,, it doesn’t have to be RANDOSERU. Avarage 40,000 – 50,000 yen Quite expensive. ‎Advance purchase discount started recently. I had to run as my girl is going to elementary school next year. I gave […]

Zambia Fair @Hotel Continental Fuchu

Hello everyone! This is Shino from Resident Relations team. Have you ever heard about Zambia before? Maybe some of you knows aout this contry by the famous Victoria Fall. In Sakura House, we have a half Zambian and half Japanese staff whose name is “Chipa”. He will host a great event related to Zambia at Hotel Continental Fuchu. The ZAMBIA Fair will be held from August 1st to August 31st at Restaurant  “Filly” in the hotel. Please come to try Zambian food !! To know amore about the ZAMBIA Fair, please check from this link!!

Tattoos in Japan

Hello minna-san, how are you? Today i wanna talk you about tattoos. Did you know that, despite the fact that it can be really troublesome to get around Japan if you have one, many people come here every year just to get tattoo-ed by one of the famous japanese “HORISHI” artists? And that, to get an appointment in their studios, you can wait from several months to a couple of years? By the way, i can tell you that living in Japan with one or more tattoos can force you to do a lot of renunciations: enter in public baths or swimming pools will be nearly impossible for example. But […]

Against Japanese Traffic rule Umbrella + Bicycle

I usually wear the sun visor for rainy day while riding bicycle. opening umbrella while riding bicycle is against Japanese Traffic Rule. That’s true,,, If I hold the umbrella, I lose balance and it is dangerous to ride a bicycle with one hand only. It takes like 30 mins to walk from my house to my nearest station. So I really need bicycle. And my friend recommended me to buy the sun visor. I couldn’t stop laughing when I wore it for the first time as I looked like a robot!! But when I actually used it for the first time in rainy day… GREAT!! heavy rain OK!! no make […]

Takoyaki Shop Open!

Hello, Everyone! How are you doing? Naoko desu. It’s been geeting hot and hot… if it’s really hot no apetite… cannot eat a big meal so just like to have something light so how about Takoyaki? Takoyaki is very famouse especially in Kansai West part of Jpan like Osaka. Takoyaki is a flour based snack in the shape of little round balls containing pieces of octopus. look like this↓ yummyー! There is Takoyaki shop just downstairs open! so after you visit Sakura House office to pay rent or move- in or anything you can enjoy Takoykai!

Unique habits that a foreigner develops while living in Japan

Hello everybody! I have been living in Japan for slightly more than 7 years now. That is quite a long time to develop some Japanese habits. Let me give you an example of this habits that I have adopted and have seen other foreigner that have lived a while in Japan. Habit number 1 Maybe those of you who are living in Japan or have been in Japan before, have noticed that when Japanese talk on the phone, they tend to slightly bow when talking. Have you noticed that ? In the beginning, I thought it was really odd because, the person you are talking on the phone definitely would […]