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New Student Dormitory Tabata3 is coming soon!

Hello everyone! A hot day again! Today please let me show you our new premises Tabata3 student dormitory under construction for the newly open 1st October location is closed to Tabata1&2. You know what’s amazing??? The monthly RENT is ONLY 30,000yen!!!! IF you take LIMITED OFFER until 15th September(first 3month 5,000yen OFF) &WINTER PROMOTION(max 6month 5,000yen OFF) so tatal 10,000yen per month from the nomal rent 35,000yen, this is really a chance for  you so Don’t miss it !!!

SAKURA HOUSE KYOTO! Cool places to walk to from the Premises

Hello everybody! As you may already know, we have a new premises ( Vacation Rental ) that is located in a quiet Kyoto neighborhood located near the KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE and the NIJO CASTLE! The closest station to this luxurious premises is called Imadegawa Station (10 minutes from JR Kyoto Station) and Nijo Station. Let me give you idea first of how the KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE and the NIJO CASTLE look like. KYOTO IMPERIAL PALACE   ** From the Sakura House Premises, it would take you only take you 14 mins by walk. This is a perfect distance to even have a jog!     Next, let me show you how the NIJO CASTLE looks […]

A small corner of Venice that is forever Japan!

Hello minna-san, have you ever been to Venice, in Italy? This is a quite famous city, and every year it attracts nearly 30 millions of tourists (!!) from every part of the world. What unfortunately very few of them know is that, hidden in a less popular part of the city, there is a real piece of Japan. A real oasis of peace and beauty that native people (like me) love to enjoy! The little island of San Giorgio, as a fact, is the place that the Japanese photographer and artist Hiroshi Sugimoto chose for his project “Glass Tea House Mondrian”. So, near the magnificent Palladian church, past rows of […]

Let’s visit the Tukiji market !

Tsukiji Fish Market is one of the largest fish markets in the world, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day. It’s scheduled to move to a new site in this November. This is one of the last chances to see the market in Tsukiji. Experienced tour guides from Tokyo City Guide Club will show you details inside and outside the market. The tour ends at Tsukiji Hongan-ji Temple, a gorgeous temple right next to the market. Important: We will NOT see tuna auctions in this tour. Date & Time: September 3rd (Sat) 9:20AM – NOON Fee: Free *Transportation fare is necessary. RSVP via email with the following details […]

Winter Promotion SAVE up to 30,000yen!

Hello Everyone! How are you? Accoding to the weather forecast, a big  typhoon is  coming to Tokyo so please be careful! By the way, let me introduce our winter discount If you make a pre-reserevation (must done 2 month in advance) for November/December/January/February you’ll get every month 5,000yen discount maximum for 6 month so total 30,000yen! For example, if you stay at Ojima Tokyo 2 Dormitory 43,000yen per month after discount only 38,000yen per month,that’s really amazing rent! Don’t miss this chance!!

How to stop a taxi while you are on the street in Japan

Good evening everybody! Today, I would like to give you some tips on how to call or stop a taxi while you are on the streets of Japan. I bet most of you have seen some American movies where a person, shouts ” taxi! ” or whistles and a taxi would stop for them right? Well, in Japan that cannot work. All taxi`s in Japan have a display monitor in front of the passenger seat or in some rare cases on top of the car that show you if the taxi is empty or not. This is the first thing you will have to notice before you attempt to stop […]

Kotake Mukaihara Sakura House!

Hello Everyone! Naoko desu. It’s been really hot days, How are you doing? Today please let me introduce Sakura House Kotake Mukaihara. This is one of my favorite premises in Sakura House. The reason why i like this house is facing to south side so that it’s very bright with SUN SHINE!!!! Fromr Kotake Mukaihara Station folow this small footpath takes about 5minutes to this house. This house is locataed in very quite residentioan area. It take only 5mionutes to Ikebukuro by train!! Please go to our website for more details.

New Discount for students!

Sakura House Offers for students a special discount on their brand new Dormitories in Tabata 3! MAKE RESERVATIONS FOR TABATA TOKYO 3 STUDENT DORMITORY AND SAVE 5,000 YEN PER MONTH FOR 3 MONTHS! LIMITED TIME OFFER UNTIL SEPTEMBER 15, 2016.     Don’t miss the chance , reserve now before it’s too late!!  

Typhoon is hitting now

Typhoon is hitting to Kanto area(Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba etc) now. It is still just a beginning, main one is coming about after one hour lunch time,,, It affects transportation, many flights are delayed. I’m worried some new residents who are coming to our office. And also current residents who are coming to our office for rent payment, and our maintenance staff, and sales staff who are going for room viewing,,, Ahhhhhhh I’m worried about everybody!! Please be careful!! I’m hoping to see rainbow after typhoon. The pic below is the one I saw after previous tyhoon the other day.

Climbing Mount Fuji!

Hello minna-san, how are you? About me: my face and my hands are completely burned by the sun, and i cannot walk properly because my feet hurt too much. Why? Well, on my days off, i decided to try the big japanese experience and climb Fuji-san! And you know what? Despite this, i would do it another million times because, if weather assists you, it`s an amazing experience to live! The best suggestion i can give you? Take your time!! Don`t climb it night time and come down suddenly… If you can, climb it day time and enjoy the view, and the sleep in a hub on top and see […]