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Izu Experience

Hello minna-san, Have you ever been to Izu Peninsula? I went to Izu Kogen last summer, and it`s a very nice place to visit! Izu Kogen is located on the east coast of Izu Peninsula, and is about 2 hours and a half from Tokyo by train. This year`s summer has not been great regarding weather, but at the time that me and my friends got there, the sun was shining, and it was definitely warmer than Tokyo. What a great timing! We simply wanted to get away for a couple of days and enjoy the local hot springs. Izu Peninsula is also famous for its beautiful coast lines and […]

EASY Room Transfer process!

Already staying with one of the Sakura House premises but searching for new room, even private apartment for a change because of your school/job location has been changed or just simply want to re-start or refresh yourself in new location?Sakura House offer you a simple step of “room transferring” for current resident staying with us from over 110 locations 1100 rooms all around Tokyo. -First, Find the perfect location from our web-page, or contact us to find the best room which meet your needs! -Second,  Make a reservation through our website  and arrange the date of moving and all paperworks. The deposit of 20,000 yen will be necessary but your rent can be […]

Tea made from wild flowers and their health benefits

Hello everybody, It is me, Chipa Mwenya, half Zambian and half Japanese staff at Sakura House. Today, I would like to share some health benefits of drinking tea made from the leaves of wild flowers that actually come from our organic farm ( Tohoku Bokujo ). Some of you may now that tea in general is good for your health because it contains anti-toxins that help remove the bad substances in you body by breaking them down. Today we received a few samples of dried leaves from 5 different wild flowers. To be honest, I never knew that if you dried up wild flowers such as these shown above, that […]

Zojo-ji Temple Takigi Noh

Hello minna-san! Summer is unfortunately going to an end, but this is still a very good period to enjoy outdoor events, like local festivals, theme events, or art performances. One of these, will take place soon in the wonderful Zojo-ji Temple: the Takigi Noh. This outdoor Noh performance illuminated by firelight, took place since the premodern Edo period at a Noh theater near the present-day Tokyo Tower. After being forced to stop, due to continuous natural disasters and the war, it started again in 1974 in the temple’s premises, with the completion of the reconstructed main hall, Daiden. The firelit Noh draws the spectators into a world of subtle and […]

“FUKURO Matsuri” Festival in Ikebukuro

Every year we join “FUKURO Matsuri” Festival in Ikebukuro! In Japan we cerebrate for bringing in good fortune in autumn. One of the highlight is carrying portable shrine that we call MIKOSHI. I am sure it will be one of the best moments of your stay in Tokyo. [Event Details] Date: 25th September Sunday Time: 13:00-21:00 Fee: Free Limit: Up to 10 people Meeting Point: Sakura Hostel Ikebukuro [Schedule] 13:00 Meeting time and Registration [Sakura Hotel] 15:00 Orientation, Rehearsal and Refreshments [Venue] 17:30 Start Carrying Mikoshi!!! 20:00 Party time!!! [Venue] 21:00 Breaking Up [How to sign up] Email back to us with the following information. E-mail: 1.Your name 2.Check-in […]

A Fish of the Autumn

Hello everyone. It has been raining since…. I lost count for days. But right now, as I am writing, the rain stopped for awhile and the wind reminds me of Autumn. Autumn, it is Sunma for me. Autumn os full of foods like Matsutake (Mushrooms),  Ginnan (Ginkgos), Katsuo (Bonitos) and so on. But for me it is Sunma. (photo from Wikimedia) Recently you can even eat and enjoy raw sanma as sushi or sashimi, but for me sanma is best when its grilled like this on the picture. Wish a bit of soy sauce and radish, plus some kind of citrus. Then it is Perfect! I think I ma going […]

The Weather & Climate in Tokyo

Hello!mina-san! Today is a rainning day. Tokyo enter the rainy season again. For most of the year, the weather should be fine for traveling to Tokyo. The city typically has moderate weather,but this could be changing, as Tokyo has seen its summer temperatures increasing. The other problem with summer travel is that you may travel in a typhoon season. If you travel during this time, you may not experience a typhoon, but you will most likely see rainier days than you would at other time. Tokyo has two rainy seasons. The first is June and the beginning of July. September is the other rainy season. June and September are the […]

The next big project ( Zambian arts and crafts plus coffee and dessert ! )

Hello everybody. Most of you may already know that we had the first Zambian Food Event. Next month we are going to have a Zambian art/crafts plus coffee and dessert the Design Festa Gallery/ Design Festa Cafe in Harajuku! Let me give you a small peak of what will be on sale ! ** Zambian Chitenge. This is a traditional material used for many things such as clothes, table cloths, bags and even carrying a baby on your back!! **   ** Animals made from wire and beads **   ** Zambian masks made from wood **   ** Zambian made oven gloves **   ** Zambian Dolls **   […]

Autumn in Tokyo

Hello minna-san, how are you? Autumns is finally coming also in Tokyo, just in time to prevent a mad case of “natsu-bate”, or summer fatigue. It was hot and sticky outside iuntil a few days ago, but now it looks like things are finally cooling down. When I think about autumn in Japan, I think about mild weather, hoodies, “kouyou” (viewing of autumn-colored leaves), oden soup, rice harvesting, and fall festivals. Even though summer is typically the most active and lively season for Japan, fall also has a lot to offer tourists and residents alike, and for sure the lower temperature “invites” to enjoy several outdoor activities.


Hello everyone! How are you? Are you ready for the Halloween? Have you been to Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea during the Halloween seasonal event? If not, now it’s the time to prepare to go !!! This year the special event Disney Hallowen will take place from September 9 through October 31 2016. During this special event period, the Japnese 2 parks will definitely get into the Halloween spirit, with a special parade, fireworks, stage shows, and even special foods. At Tokyo Disneyland, some guests also get into the spirit, wearing elaborate costumes during certain weeks. This year will also bring new merchandise and food items for everyone to enjoy. Don’t waste […]