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Halloween in Tokyo

Hello minna-san, How was your weekend? I guess that most of you had (at least..) a wild Halloween Party around the city. Halloween is becoming extremely popular in Japan, and year after year always more people overcrowd the streets and the several clubs and bars that hold an event. Saturday night i was in Shibuya with some friends, and the atmosphere was simply incredible: thousands and thousand of persons with the most colorful and incredible costumes. Someone scary, someone funny, it`s been a great parade! The streets were closed to cars, and everyone could enjoy walking around in an unreal environment. But, given that in Japan every chance is good […]

Bicycle parking in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the planet and so space is at a premium. The problem of bicycle parking in Tokyo has started to be addressed anew recently, it seems. Like people all over Japan, there are a lot of people cycling in Tokyo. Although bicycles are so convenient to travel within 23 wards of Tokyo, the problem is that it is hard to find where to park bikes as there are so many areas in streets with a sign saying “It is banned to park bicycles here” = Churin Kinshi 駐輪禁止“. What if you ignore the sign? Your bike will be taken away and be collected at a […]

A trip to Izu Oshima Island

Hello minna-san, how are you? I hope this finds you well… Today, i wanna go on writing about some of the most beautiful spots to visit in Japan, and most of all around Tokyo area. Have you ever thought to visit an active volcano nearby our wonderful city? Well, definitely this is something possible! It will be ebough to go to Izu Oshima Island, a remote volcanic island that`s a part of Metropolitan Tokyo, despite being separated by 100 km of the ocean from the rest of the capital city. Izu Oshima is famous for its 764 meter tall volcano, which last erupted in 1990. Visitors can climb the volcano […]

Where is Higashi Nagasaki??

Hello! Everyone Genki deuska? It’s really getting cold now ! By the way,do you know where is Higashi-Nagasaki? It’s only 5minutes by Seibu Ikubukuro line from Ikebukuro station. The station is just good size not too many people and there are 100yen shop, super market, drug store many shops and also quite lots of local restaurants you can find only here and the price is good and shop staff are very friendly so if its first time to live in Tokyo, here is the nice place^ ^ There are 2 sakura house in this station and some rooms soon to be available please find more info↓


This year the Japanese classic music concert ” Shuretsu MIYASHITA ‘KOTO & SANJUGEN’”will be performed again on 3rd November Thursday at The Tokyo Shoken Buidling hall. The Hall is close to the Kayabacho staiton and Nihonbashi station. Please see below link to get the access to the Hall. The concert will start at 13:00 and plan to be ended around 18:00. If you are interesting in the Japanese classic music and traditional musical , please come to our office to get the  ticket and flier. We have discount price for our Sakura House resident, only 1000yen you could enjoy the Janapnese classic music for about 4 hours performance and you […]

Samurai Museum ( In Kabukicho )

Hello everybody ! For those of you who may not know this is, but did you know we have a SAMURAI MUSEUM just near our Sakura House office in Shinjuku?!   Did you know that samurai has been consider a symbol of courage, power and masculinity for over 700 years of Japanese warfare history?! ** The well designed interior covers two floors, providing an atmosphere that resembles Japan during the Sengoku period. ** The museum has  a wide array of samurai costumes, head gear, guns, swords and other related equipment ** The highlight is a chance to have yourself photographed in a samurai costume of your choice. You also have […]

Free Japanese Lesson for 10days!!

Hello, Everyone! How are you? Genki desuka? If you are thinking to study Japanese, The Kanda Gaigo Career College is offering free Japanese lessons, FREEE!!! FREE JAPANESE LESSON (Nov/Dec 2016) Lesson Date (All-day participation is appreciated): Nov 8th 11th 15th 18th 22nd 25th 29th Dec 2nd 6th 9th Time: 15: 00 – 17:00 Place: Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, Building No.4 (3-minute walk from Kanda Station) Access: Fee: Free of charge Level: Introductory Instructors: Instructor-trainees assigned to the teaching abroad program.

Japanese annual event:Shichi-go-san

Shichi-go-san, which means seven, five and three, is a Japanese annual event to celebrate healthy growth and wish longevity for three and seven-year-old daughters, and three and five-year-old sons. Children usually dress up in kimono or hakama and go to shrines or temples to pray for their healthy growth and longevity with their parents. They also take commemorative pictures at a photo studio. Three-year-old children have a ceremony called Kamioki, which means “to let down one’s hair.” The ceremony marks when the children start to grow longer hair. In the Edo era, there was a custom to shave childrens’ hair until three years old. Five-year-old sons have a ceremony called Hakamagi. Hakamagi means “to wear hakama“.Hakama is a formal divided skirt worn […]

Jewellumination at Yomiuri Land

Hello everyone! The weather is changing and getting colder day by day. Every autumn and winter season, I visit Yomiuri Land with my family. It’s located along Keio Line and it only takes 22 minutes by Keio line from Shinjuku. This year from October 14th, they started light ups in this atraction park! I’ve heard that it is one of the best light ups in kanto area. I will be absolutely visiting here very soon but for now I don’t have their beautiful light ups pictures. I share some picture from their Facebook!! Please visit there with your family or with friends!! The park is open till 20:30 for now. […]

Geisha Night Show @Asakusa on October 27th

Hello everyone! Good new for those who are interested in Japanese Geisha. Our next Geisha Night show will be held on 27th Oct. Here below please find the details information: ★Geisha Night Show★ Date & Time: October 27h, 2016(Thu.) 7:00AM-8:00PM Meeting Places : Sakura Hostel Asakusa Fee:500yen for Sakura hotel & hostel residents (1 drink including) 1000yen for non residents (1 drink including) Only 20 seats are waiting for your application ,please do not miss this chance and join us. To sign up for the event, send us an e-mail with the following info. 1. Name 2. Sakura House Name / Sakura Hotel & Hostel’s Name & Check-in Date […]