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Wanna learn Japanese culture from Japanese?

Hello minna-san, how are you? Many of you are here for vacations, other are working or studying here, everyone has a different story and lifestyle. But i guess that all of you (i better should say us..) have one thing in common if we are here: a deep love for this Country and its wonderful culture. Let`s say it: working and studying in Japan can be extremely tough. But the sacrifices are well paid when we can spend some time traveling, and discovering the countless wonders that surround us. Well… Today i wanna talk to you about an amazing association that organizes guided tours and cultural experiences in Ota Ward, […]

Tokyo Station, It is actually beautiful

It is getting cold and cold and cold… Today I went to Tokyo station for business meeting and found out beautiful scenes.       And few days ago I went to Yomoda Soba located about 5 mins from Tokyo station with my colleague. And I ate Seaweed Soba and Yomoda Curry! IT was very delicious and so reasonable;) If you have a chance to visit Tokyo Station, please visit this standing soba place;) Curry is very very delicious too! Yomoda Soba    

Share House at Sendagaya

Hello, Everyone how are you? It’s been very very cold now…. By the way, Please let me introduce our Sakura House Sendagaya Annex Share house today. Many people maybe don’t know about this premises because there is one of the biggest Sakura House Sendagaya4chome. so probably many people know about that Sendagaya4chome only. Actually there are 2 share houses Sendagaya Annex 1 and 2 located just in front of the big pink Sendagaya4chome. This Annex is Japanese styled small house and the inside all the renovation has been done so it’s very clean and comfortable. Those who are looking for small sized house these Annex is good option! Please get […]


Good evening minna-san, how are you? Winter season is going to come soon, koyo is already going to its end, and the temperatures will soon become a bit lower.. But still Japan has sooo much to offer to travellers, and our magnificent city with its surroundings is not anm exception for sure! For example, if you are interested in trying something new, not very “popular” in the various city guides for tourists, but that japanese people love to do, you can join our TOKYO BAY CRUISE and SEASIDE PARK Tour, on the coming Sunday, December the 11th! Let’s enjoy together a BAYSIDE VIEW CRUISE and spend a few hours at […]

Don’t Touch My Mustache

How are you doing recently? we say that  in Japanese, we say ”Ogenki desuka?” ( お元気ですか?) For  Hello, we say “Kon nichiwa” (こんにちは) You are welcome is Dou itashi-mashite (どういたしまして) For Dou itashi-mashite (どういたしまして), as you may already know, there is an easy way to remember as English words. “Don’t touch my mustache” Repeat after me, “Don’t touch my mustache”

Ojima 2 ( Short term Apartment – kitchen utensils )

Hello everybody, As some of you may already know that all our rooms are fully furnished, but have you ever wonder what kind of items we have exactly? Let me give an idea of what kind of kitchen appliances and kitchen utensils we have in our Short Term Apartment located at a place called NISHI-OJIMA ( on the Toei Shinjuku Line ). For more more information about this short term apartment that you can reserve online, click the link below. ** Did you also know that all the utilities like gas bills, water bills and electricity bills are all included in the rent!!?? Plus ofcourse, there is free wifi! […]

*Koishikawa Korakuen Garden Walking Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club*

Would you like to go to see the beautiful autumn leaves?? Why don’t you come to join this tour with us!? *Koishikawa Korakuen Garden Walking Tour by Tokyo City Guide Club* We are going to see the red and yellow leaves of autumn in Koishikawa Korakuen park. Then going to watch the traditional performance art, “Edo takagura ” which has been inherited from Edo time. Date: December 4th (Sun) Time:Tour start 13:00 to 15:30 Meeting up: Please choose one place out of the three places 1.Sakura hotel ikebukuro at 12:20 2.Sakura hotel ASAKUSA at 11:50 3.Sakura hotel Jimbocho at 12:30 4.Tokyo Metro Iidabashi station A1 exit (the ground)13:00 The expenses: […]

Wanna live near a beautiful Japanese style Onsen ?!

Hey everybody! Did you know that we have a Sakura House ( Apartment, share house and dormitory ), near an onsen!! For those of you who do not know what an onsen is. here is a simple explanation. An onsen  (温泉) is a Japanese hot spring and the bathing facilities and you tend to find Inns or Hotels situated around them.   Now let me show you how close the onsen near our Sakura House property called ITABASHI-KU MOTOHASUNUMA ** as you can see, the from the Motohasunuma station ( located on the Mita Line ), it is only 12 mins walk to the Onsen called Maenohara Onsen ** there is a […]

About Kasai Rinkai Koen

Hello minna-san, how are you? Today i wanna do a brief introduction to one of the places we will visit during our TOKYO BAY and SEASIDE PARK tour on the next December the 11th: KASAI RINKAI PARK! The Kasai Rinkai Park is a sweet little patch of green located on the Tokyo Bay. It features a small but very nice forest, as well as a sea-side aquarium, a Ferris Wheel and, last but not the least, an observation deck to look out into the wide bay. The Kasai Rinkai Koen Station is located on the Keiyo and Musashino Lines and is only 13 minutes away from Tokyo station. There is […]

Public Libraries in Tokyo!

Hello minna-san, how are you? Today a very kind customer came to our office, and she asked me some information about book shops and libraries, as she is pretty new in Japan, and she didn`t know where to find some books written in english. So, i had the idea to write this useful post, for all of you who like to relax sometimes reading a good book, without spending money…. The public libraries in Tokyo (or Central Ward Libraries) are great places to study and enjoy a good reading. In Japan, people of all ages and social class frequent them in pursuit of knowledge, entertainment and developing skills. The central […]