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Ukera Shinto Ritual at Ueno Park

Hello minna-san! How are you? If you have no plans for this coming Friday (the 3rd) afternoon, i would like to suggest you a short trip to Ueno Koen, where the Ukera Shinto Ritual will be held! At the Gojoten Jinja, as in many other Shinto shrines and major Buddhist temples, on Setsubun Day (February 3, as i mentioned), a bean throwing event called mame-maki is held, in order to drive off evil spirits and invite good spirits. This bean throwing event is often accompanied by a little drama. The ceremony begins at around 3pm. First, a Shinto priest offers a prayer at the makeshift stage set up in front […]

The most cheapest Share House and dormitory !

Hello everybody It is official the Edogawa Share House and Dormitory is now open ! I was so surprised that this new building located to the famous Edogawa river. Plus the cherry blossom will be blooming around that area so it is the best place for those coming in for vacations or even those students./interns ! Share house ( private rooms ) ———- room 101 ( 66,000 yen/month ) room 201 ( 68,000 yen/month )   Dormitory rooms ( maximum 2 people ) ——— room 202 ( 41,000 yen/month )     Let me give you a preview of how the amazing brand new rooms look like ! Look at […]

No mobile? No problem!

Hello minna-san, how are you? So, finally you are in Japan and you need to call someone, but your mobile doesn`t work here? No problem! What is great in Japan is that there is always a solution for any issue… Public telephones are available on major streets, in train stations, and at many other locations throughout Tokyo. Depending on the model, a payphone may accept only coins, only telephone cards, or both. You can easily buy a telephone card at any train station kiosk, or in a convenience stores, all payphones allow local calls and out-of-area domestic calls. To place an international call directly from a public telephone, look for […]

Make it easy with Sakura House!

Hello minna-san! How are you? Tomorrow it will be already February, and March will come very soon. Do you know what does this mean? In Japan, March means spring, that means Hanami! True, the full blooming should be on late March / early April, and you still have to wait a few for that. But what you should not wait anymore for is to reserve your place in Sakura House for Hanami season!! As a fact, we are starting now confirming our vacancies for March / April, and we would be more than happy to help you finding your accommodation in Tokyo! Why booking with Sakura House? Well, this is […]

Great Share House for students and interns that wanna stay under budget !

Hello everybody ! This is the time of the year when many of the new students come into Japan to start there new university courses or new internships ! For those you who who wanna stay under budget and have your private room, I would highly recommend this Share House ! Here is why. ** First of all, it is really close to Shinjuku and also walking distance, meaning that you can save money! Let me show you on the map. ** as you can see, the convenient store called 7 eleven is just across the street and down stairs, there is also a amazing already packed lunch shop. For […]

Daruma-Ichi Fair & Fuchu

Hello minna-san, how are you? Any program for next saturday? If not, maybe here you will find a good idea for your weekend! At the Takahata Fudoson Temple, that`s one of the 3 main temples to the deity Fudo Myoo in Kanto area, will be held the annual fair of Daruma-Ichi dolls, those hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma, that each of us has seen at least once around. These dolls, though typically red and depicting a bearded man, can vary in color and design, depending on region and artist. Daruma dolls have a design that is rich in symbolism, and is regarded more as a talisman of […]

Who wants to be a sushi chef?

Hello minna-san! How are you? How many of you love Japanese food? Personally, i really do (and i am italian, therefore quite picky about food)! We can probably discuss for an entire day on which is your favourite speciality, if ramen, or yakiniku, or maybe soba with tempura… But the real emperor of Japanese tables is still the good old sushi. Now… We all know that there are thousand of places in Tokyo where we can enjoy a great sushi, but wouldn`t it be impressive to invite your friends for dinner, and surprising them with a fresh home-made onigiri? Ok, maybe none of us has the time or inclination to […]

My favorite burger shop in the whole Japan!

Hello everybody! My name is Chipa Mwenya、half Japanese and half Zambian staff at Sakura House. I have been in Japan for over 7 years now. For those of you who have had an experience living in Japan, I am sure that you are well aware that the burgers in Japan tend to be really small in terms of size compared to the western countries  ! But guess, what recently. I found amazing burger shop at a place called Akebonobashi ( on the Toei Shinjuku Line ). Actually, this amazing burger shop is also really close to our Sakura House accommodation ( around a 3 min walk from the accommodation to […]

5 free things to do in Tokyo

Hello minna-san! How are you? Even if the temperatures are very cold, recently weather has been nice and sunny, and it`s always good to go out and fully enjoy our wonderful city and its breath-taking surroundings. But what if our budget is limited? Tokyo could be very expensive, we all know, but you will be surprised knowing how many things you can do without spending money at all! Here are just some suggestions for you… 1. Tokyo Metropolitan Observation Desks. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office offers an amazing view of the city from both its towers, it`s open from 9.30am to, and it`s totally free!! For great pictures, i […]

Living in Harajuku

Hello minna-san! How are you? Are you really “into” cosplay kawaii things? Are you interested in young fashion and trends? Do you like small shops, new concepts, and new age atmosphere? If your answer is “yes”, so the place for you is definitely Harajuku! We are extremely proud of our beautiful share houses in Harajuku (B,C and E House), as well as our Design Festa Gallery and the okonomiyaki restaurant Sakura Tei. Renting your room there through us is not only a great way to live like a local, but it will be way cheaper than any hotel in the surrounding area. And the location is the biggest advantage! Five […]