A trip in Fuchu

Hello minna-san! How are you?

Today i wanna talk to you about an area of Tokyo that is maybe less “touristic”, but that has many amazing attractions to see and do, and that is rapidly increasing in foreign tourists choices: Fuchu. Fuchu city is located in the western part of the greater Tokyo metropolitan area. Long time ago it was a post on the Koshu Kaido, a famous road that radiated from Tokyo during the Edo period. There are many train lines running through Fuchu, and serving more than a dozen stations. Its Station is on the Keio Line, and it`s easyly accessible from Shinjuku.

Well, first of all, there is the famous Tokyo Racecourse, built in 1933, and considered the ‘racecourse of racecourses’ in Japanese horseracing. We of Sakura House hold an amazing event here for our residents, you can check it here:

But Fuchu is also the Okunitama Shrine, avery beautiful Shinto temple set in the town’s park, or the Fuchunomori Park, a large park located about 15 minutes walk north of the Higashi Fuchu Train station, with its museum and the cherry trees. And still, the Fuchu Art Museum, the Furusato Fuchu History Museum, the Kumano Shrine Ancient Tomb, and many other beautiful spots, also in the near surroundings.

And, if you are there, don`t forget to go for dinner at the restaurant of FUCHU HOTEL CONTINENTAL, where you will have a gorgeous dinner at a reasonable price, eating only organic food produced in a bokujo (an organic farm) in Tohoku!

Ah, i was forgetting… There is also a famous prison in Fuchu, which is one of the largest in Japan. But maybe it`s better not to visit it…. ;)
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