Dining with daredevils… The “fugu” experience

Hello minna-san! How are you?

Today let`s talk about food, and more precisely about a japanese specialty: fugu!
There are many dishes in asian countries that, expecially for a “western” person, require a certain amount of courage. But probably the pufferfish is the one that beats all in this special contest.

Actually the deadly fugu, the puffer fish, attracts more the audacious ones than the “taste lovers”. As a fact, it`s been said (personally, i cannot confirm) that it has a rather bland taste, but that it has success thanks to the particular consistency of its flesh. The really special thing of this fish, is that some of its parts contain tetrodotoxin, a clear poison, tasteless and odorless, much more dangerous than arsenic! Some Japanese joke about it, saying that should be left for someone else to taste the first bite: if after five minutes is still able to speak, we can consider the dish safe.

Luckily, nowadays the fugu chefs have a certified preparation. As a fact, all of those who wanna prepare this special fish have to spend hours and hours in the kitchen to clean and cut into thin slices, before taking an exam: 20 minutes to dissect the fish and separate the edible from non-edible parts, marking the toxic ones with red plastic labels.

And if after reading this you still wanna try the fugu experience, don`t forget to ask also for the traditional drink that usually accompanies this plate: the “hirezake”, hot sake with fugu toasted tail.
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