Japan Curiosities…

Good evening minna-san,

So you are finally living in Japan. Or maybe not, but you have a great passion for this country, and you studied almost everything about its culture and habits.
Well, what is great of Japan, is that even when you think to know everything, you are wrong!
Here is a list of curious facts about our country….

1) The young sumo-wrestlers are traditionally required to clean and bath the veteran ones at their wrestling “stables”
2) Japan gave birth to 15 Nobel laureates, 3 Fields medalists and one Gauss Prize laureate.
3) Raised floors help indicate when to take off slippers or shoes. At the entrance to a home in Japan, the floor will usually be raised about 15 centimeters, suggesting that you should take off your shoes and put on slippers. If the floor is raised about 5 centimeters or less, so you should take off your slippers.

4) Japan’s unemployment rate is less than 4%.
5) Japan consists of nearly 7.000 islands.
6) Japan`s population has the highest elderly proportion in the world: more than 20%.

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