Bowing in Japan

Good afternoon minna-san!

I hope you all are having a good sunday. As weather is getting better, the days longer, and spring air makes you wanna have more (!) fun than usual…
But sometimes we also need to be serious unfortunately. So, today i wanna talk to you about something that can be really useful in your workplace, at school, or even simply with your japanese friends: bowing!

Bowing is probably the most known feature of Japanese etiquette oversea, and not coincidentally! Bowing here is considered extremely important, so much so that, although children normally begin learning how to bow from a very young age, companies commonly provide training to their employees in how to execute bows correctly.

Basic bows are performed with the back straight and the hands at the sides, and with the eyes down. And generally, the longer and deeper is the bow, the highest is the respect expressed. We can generally divide bows into three main categories: informal, formal, and “super formal”. The informal ones are made at about a 15 degrees angle, or even just tilt over one’s head, while formal bows starts from about 30 degrees and going deeper, depending from “how formal” they are!

But it`s not finished! That`s the case that maybe you have to say “sorry” to someone for something you did… Well, in this case, remember that bows of apology tend to be deeper and last longer than any other type!
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