A new bond created with Zambia, Harajuku Sakura Tei, Tohoku Bokujo & Akita Prefecture University

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My name is Chipa Mwenya, the half Zambian and half Japanese staff at Sakura House.

For those of you who may still remember, last year we had the first ever Zambian food event at our Continental Hotel in Fuchu. Thanks to this amazing opportunity, I was approached by two students from Akita Prefecture University that belong to a non profit organisation called African Village Project.

These students were attracted and really interested about this collaboration that Sakura House had with Zambia, because  they started a project to help the local villages in Zambia with medical services by setting up health spots within walking distance. This would really help, for example, those women that are pregnant would not have to walk great distances to receive the care and support they need before their child birth.
In February 2017, I received a call from these students and they wanted to  meet up with a Zambian in person and find ways that we can collaborate. Actually, at this time, Sakura House was holding a collaborated event at Sakura Tei ( our group company in Harajuku that makes makes okonomiyaki ), and we were making Zambian style Japanese okonomiyaki ! I invited these two students to come over and try the first ever Zambian style Japanese okonomiyaki and also make plans on how Sakura House, Sakura Tei , our farm ( Tohoku Bokujo) that provided the organic ingredients to  make the okonomiyaki  could collaborate with Akita Prefecture University.
** our organic maize corn was used because in Zambia, our stable food is maize. In Zambia his maize is grounded into powder and used to make ” Nshima “
** we also used our organic eggs
For those of you who do not know where Akita Prefecture is, here is a map to give you an idea of its location.
Our Organic farm ( Tohoku Bokujo ) is located in Aomori Prefecture, is right next door to Akita !
When this  collaboration is up and going, NOT IF, when we successfully put these arrangements together, we hope to achieve the following
** change the negative image that people have about Zambia and focus on the beauty/good sides of Zambia
** raise aware to those women ( especially pregnant women ) that live in rural areas and need the medical assistance
** raise the important and health benefits of eating healthy/organic food that can be supplied from our largest organic farm in Japan
** Akita University and other universities in Akita have a number of foreigners  that we can assist if they  move to Tokyo or Kyoto  looking for monthly or short term accommodation that is Foreign Friendly. At the moment, it is really hard for foreigners to  find monthly or short term accommodation, mainly because of the communication barrier and the insane amount of initial cost that is needed to rent a room.  However, Sakura House, has a ” Personalized ” way or serving the guests,  we  have bi -lingual + tri-lingual staff that can talk in major languages and operate  everyday of the year! Moreover, we cut down all those  unnecessary costs.
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