Hanayashiki – the oldest amusement park in Japan

A room with a view… Can you guess what our staff member from Sakura Hostel is looking at?

A view from Sakura Hostel Asakusa

It’s Hanayashiki, Japan’s oldest amusement park that you’ve probably never been to, even though you’ve visited Asakusa many times already.
It’s amazing that there are hundreds of tourists visiting Asakusa every day, yet they somehow manage to miss out on this amazing hidden treasure. If you are into quirky, retro style stuff, if you like to walk non-touristy paths and want to bring some awesome pictures from your trip to Japan, you should definitely visit Hanayashiki.

Now this is some unique entrance to the park isn't it? Image source:

Hanayashiki was opened in 1953 and was originally a flower park (from Japanese 花 hana ‘flower’, 屋敷 yashiki ‘manshion, residence’). That is why you can find flowers here and there in the park, and there is also a little garden, that doesn’t seem to fit well together with the attractions, but definitely brings the park its special charm.

Beautiful Japanese mini garden at Hanayashiki

If you are looking for the crazy rides that will blow your mind and make your heart beat faster, you won’t find it here. After all, there are so many parks like Fuji-Q and Yomiuri Land, that are designed just for that. What you should look for at Hanayashiki though, is the cheap retro rides, old-fashioned design and amazing decorations – everything you need to take some unique and quirky pictures!

The only 63-year-old rollercoaster in Japan!

A "Space Shot" ride with a view on Skytree? Yes please!

World famous "Merry-go-round" - straight from the movies!

How cute are these cars?! We couldn't help but take tons of pictures with them!

One of many unique walls at Hanayashiki

Did we get you all excited about your next visit to Asakusa? Check out Hanayashiki’s website for more information and some old pictures of the park: Hanayashiki – English version
And if you are still planning your visit to Japan and wish to stay in the heart of traditional Japan in Tokyo and be close to some of the famous tourist attractions (and not so famous ones too, like Hanayashiki), including Sensoji Temple, Nakamise Dori, Tokyo Skytree, and Ueno park, we suggest you a very nice and affordable hostel – Sakura Hostel Asakusa. You can find more information about room types and prices on our website: Sakura Hostel Asakusa
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