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Get a cute and adorable Japanese stamps !

The new Sakura Hotel Nippori that open on the 13th of June 2017 is located near an area Yanaka Ginza.     This  place has a historic and olden Japan feel to it. It is like a historic moment frozen in time! Actually this place was one of the few places that  survived the 1945 air raids. As I walked through this place, I realized that this place is also popular with the cat theme goods, cat themed cafes and real live cats walking around. I wondered what the connection between cats and Yanaka Ginza was. I still haven`t found the exact reason why there are so many cats here. Actually […]

My first time experience at the newly opened Sakura Hotel Nippori

Good day! For those of you may not know this, Sakura Hotel Nippori was newly opened on the 13th of June and just on the first day we had  some many new guests that stayed. The number of foreign guests is now increasing due to its popularity and direct easy of access by train from the Narita Airport !  Meaning that you no longer have to go through the hustle of transferring trains and taking bus transfers.           Here is a map to give you a clear idea of where the hotel is located         Up until now, I have never stayed in […]

Wanna make new friends with ease at Sakura House ?

Hello every body .   When foreigners come to the Japan for the first time, most of them cannot speak Japanese and  they sometimes worry that they might find it hard to make friends. At Sakura House, we have three types of rooms ( Private apartment type, private rooms in a share house with a common area so that people can interact and also dormitories with a common area also ). Living in any kind of room type has its benefits, however, the amazing benefit of living in a share house/dormitory where you can interact with the residents. Most of the residents can speak english and you can also come […]

New relationship with the Japanese local community and the Oversea guests

For those of you who may not have heard, we the first ever Zambian Musical Charity concert at your sister company called Sakura Hotel Hatagaya on the 17th of June 2017. We had so much positive feedback from the guest that came from different parts of Japan and the different foreign countries!     As you can see from the picture, the fact that the audience was a mixture of Japanese and foreign guests, this turned out to be a really global gathering. We had local neighborhood  Japanese attend, Japanese that came all the way from Akita Prefecture ( thats the northern part of Japan ) and also guests that […]

The importance of food appearance & presentation in Japan !

This is Chipa Mwenya, the half Zambian and half Japanese staff at Sakura House. For those of you who may not know,  I have lived in Japan for almost 9 years now and I have realized one important thing that Japanese focus on. This important matter is the appearance of someone and presentation of something. Thanks to our Sakura Hotel and Business Hotel called Hotel Continental Fuchu , I have done a number of food related events and I realized that Japanese of course, find the taste of food important but the appearance or the presentation of the food is just as important. From a scientific point of view, actually, […]

2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching! Smoking will be banned ??

For those you who may not be aware,  smoking areas in Japan have  become difficult to find and the rules when it come to smoking in public places has also become difficult.     The Tokyo Governor, Yuriko Koike is thinking of a ban on smoking indoors at restaurants and public area in the capital. By doing so, this would reduce the risk of passive smoking or secondary smoke. At the moment, restaurants and public places separate smokers and non-smokers , however this is considered as insufficient and still poses a health risk.   Personal speaking, I felt that even though restaurants or public places have this separation, non smokers still […]

The first Zambian Musical event at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya 6/17 !

Good day everyone, My name is Chipa Mwenya, the half Zambian and half Japanese staff at Sakura House. Thanks to the collaboration of Sakura House, Sakura Hotel Hatagaya and African Village Program , we are proud to present the first ever Zambian Musical Charity Concert on the 17th of June, 2017 between 5:30 pm t0 8 pm.   As some of you may know, Sakura House welcomes guests from over 100 countries and we have been collaborating with Zambia since last year, organising food events, arts and crafts events in order to give those guests a chance to know more about Zambia and Africa in general.   A young and […]