New relationship with the Japanese local community and the Oversea guests

For those of you who may not have heard, we the first ever Zambian Musical Charity concert at your sister company called Sakura Hotel Hatagaya on the 17th of June 2017. We had so much positive feedback from the guest that came from different parts of Japan and the different foreign countries!



As you can see from the picture, the fact that the audience was a mixture of Japanese and foreign guests, this turned out to be a really global gathering. We had local neighborhood  Japanese attend, Japanese that came all the way from Akita Prefecture ( thats the northern part of Japan ) and also guests that came all the way from Osaka ( southern part of Japan ) !! The Japanese guests told us that, they know that Japan is gradually getting globalized, and on an everyday situation is still kinda hard for them to engage or even interact with the foreign community. However, they were really grateful that  had an opportunity such as this one to give them a chance to interact with the a large number of oversea guests !

I met one particular elderly Japanese man, that lives right behind the Hatagaya Hotel and he told me that he has been coming to the Hatagaya Hotel Cafe ( which is open 24 hours ) for the post 15 years!! He told me that we was really curious and eager to interact with them  however, he told me at the event that,  for elderly Japanese people, it is difficult for them to meet new people directly ( for example walking up to them in the street or in a shop ), therefore having global events like this is actually easier for Japanese to interact with the foreign guests.


By the way, did you know that at 24 hour operating cafe at Sakura Hotel Hatagaya also has a collection of beers that come from different countries !! We also have english menus plus you can also try our organic sweet puddings!


Outside view of the Hotel



This event is one of many global events that Sakura House for our oversea guests that come from over 100 countries! This in turn allows them to interact with and create a unique bond with the Japanese local neighbourhood. Like I mentioned earlier, this also helps Japanese to come out of their bubble as they are normally reserved type of people but very curious at the same time.


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