Wanna make new friends with ease at Sakura House ?

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When foreigners come to the Japan for the first time, most of them cannot speak Japanese and  they sometimes worry that they might find it hard to make friends.

At Sakura House, we have three types of rooms ( Private apartment type, private rooms in a share house with a common area so that people can interact and also dormitories with a common area also ).

Living in any kind of room type has its benefits, however, the amazing benefit of living in a share house/dormitory where you can interact with the residents. Most of the residents can speak english and you can also come across guest from your country too. Since the foreign guests have various information about how to get by in Japan, how to over come stress etc, a share house environment is also a good place to receive personal advice from people have some experience of life in Japan before you arrived.


Let me give you an idea how the common areas in some share houses look like





The other benefit of living in a share house, residents have the heart to share items with you or even share food with you. This kind of atmosphere actually makes you like you are a part of a family and it can be really helpful during times you feel home sick because you will always have someone nearby you can communicate with.



And finally, while you are in Japan, you would wanna go out and enjoy the city life or explore some areas but doing it own your own could be a bit lonely sometimes. At Sakura House, we come across a lot of groups that take new residents with them and show them around.


If you would like to see more share house buildings or dormitories at Sakura House. Click the link below.








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