My first time experience at the newly opened Sakura Hotel Nippori

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For those of you may not know this, Sakura Hotel Nippori was newly opened on the 13th of June and just on the first day we had  some many new guests that stayed. The number of foreign guests is now increasing due to its popularity and direct easy of access by train from the Narita Airport !  Meaning that you no longer have to go through the hustle of transferring trains and taking bus transfers.






Here is a map to give you a clear idea of where the hotel is located





Up until now, I have never stayed in a hotel that just has Japanese style Tatami rooms. So I was really excited to try it out because, actually sleeping on tatami is really good for your back! ( cool health tip ! ). You have single type rooms and rooms that can fit a group of  4 people!




** Japanese style cushions called ( zabuton in Japanese are also provided in the room ) and if you require a table, that can be provided for you.

As I mentioned before, this is such a unique and special place because it is almost unheard of to find a hotel in such a convenient location tatami type rooms. The other benefit of staying this kind of room, since the futon ( the Japanese ) can moved around, you can flexible with where you wanna place the futon and you can also create more space for you items!


** Did you know that tatami also has another amazing characteristic ?! Tatami has the ability to absorb moisture, which is really helpful because Japan is a humid country especially in summer. The ability to absorb moisture make the room air crisp and clean ( another health benefit ! )


The other point that I was really impressed was the food menu! There was a variety of food on the menu and I was surprised that they was also meals from African countries like South Africa and


I tried out the meal from Cameroon called Ceeby Yap! It had really soft chicken, vegetables such as egg plants, carrots and green, red and yellow pepper and the rice had an amazing buttery and lemon flavored taste to it!



Regarding the breakfast, for a number of years I have been eating rice balls and it was nice to try out something different for breakfast here. For only 350 yen, you can enjoy the all you can eat breakfast. This includes, all you can eat toast ( butter, strawberry jam, blueberry jam, marmalade jam toppings available ), soup, milk and coffee!



** sorry, the toast with butter and strawberry topping was too good, and the plate is empty in the picture :D **


If you would like to know more about this place and make reservations, please click the link below.





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