Get a cute and adorable Japanese stamps !

The new Sakura Hotel Nippori that open on the 13th of June 2017 is located near an area Yanaka Ginza.



This  place has a historic and olden Japan feel to it. It is like a historic moment frozen in time! Actually this place was one of the few places that  survived the 1945 air raids.

As I walked through this place, I realized that this place is also popular with the cat theme goods, cat themed cafes and real live cats walking around. I wondered what the connection between cats and Yanaka Ginza was. I still haven`t found the exact reason why there are so many cats here. Actually this place is also known as Cat Town !


I came across one interesting shop that makes Hanko ( seal used to sign personal letters or initial changes in documents ). However this was no ordinary hanko shop. Usually on Hankos, you would have your name engraved in it. This place takes it further and adds your favorite animal next to your initials.



The funny thing I found out is that, they also encourage you to try it in your company :D I am sure that they are just joking. You many not be able to use this on a very formal situation but it is something you can definitely use on a casual setting and also make as a gift for your friends.



All you have to do is choose your intials in Katakana or Kanji and you can have you stamp ready in 30 mins! This is definitely one of the many interesting areas you should visit if you are gonna stay at the Sakura Hotel Nippori.


Here are some other funny things ( shirts of cats ) that I came across.





If you wanna know more information about the Sakura Hotel Nippori for your short stays, please click the link below.
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