Family-like bond between Sakura House and the guests

Good evening everyone!

This is Chipa Mwenya, the half Zambian and half Japanese staff at Sakura House.

For those of you who may not know but did you know that Sakura House welcomes over 6,000 guests from over 109 countries ! Meaning that each and every guest has a story that makes them unique! For example, why they came to Japan, what they will do in Japan and how they came to know about Japan.

Today, we had a very unquie story from a the residents shown in the picture. In the picture, the gentleman 2nd from the left (Mr. George ), actually used to live in different Sakura Houses for a period of 3 years. He now has a wonderful job in Japan and has comfortably settled down in Japan.

Mr. George`s best friend`s son ( Mr. Crawford, 3rd person from the left ), wanted to expereince the culture and study Japanese. The fact that, Mr Goerge wanted his best friend`s son to also share the same wonderful experience and convenience he had back in the day when he used to live in Sakura House, he was kind enough to introduce his best friend`s son to Sakura House.


Even though Mr. Crawford will only stay for a month in Japan, he is really looking forward to experiencing various parts of the Japanese culture. For example, he also mentioned to me that he is also looking forward to getting a Japanese tattoo that will always be a reminder to him of his experience in Japan.


Thanks to Mr. George, his best friend`s son ( being young and active ), will have a memorable experience in Japan and most likely in the future, he will do the same for his family friends or kids. This is one of the many family-like history we have with the thousands of guests !






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